• April 01, 2008 01 Apr'08

    Part Three: New Features in EJB 3.1

    This series of articles previews changes in EJB 3.1. EJB 3.0 brought simplicity to Java EE 5 by moving away from a heavyweight programming model. EJB 3.1 aims to build on those successes by moving further down the path of simplicity as well as ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2008 01 Apr'08

    Programmatic Dependency Injection with an Abstract Factory

    This article discusses the strength and weakness of applying Dependency Injection (DI) with a variant of Abstract Factory design pattern. This approach is especially suitable for such scenarios as creating local stateful objects with dynamic ...  Continue Reading

  • April 01, 2008 01 Apr'08

    New Features in EJB 3.1 - Part 3

    In this third article, I'll cover two more features that have been discussed in detail--asynchronous Session Bean invocation and EJB Lite. Remember, none of this has been finalized yet. All of this is really just a peek into the inner workings of ...  Continue Reading