• July 18, 2008 18 Jul'08

    Implementing Finite State Machines with Physhun and Spring

    This paper presents the Physhun project, a Spring-based framework for implementing complex processes through Finite State Machine models. Physhun provides finite State Model persistence and transaction management with synchronous or asynchronous ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    Scaling Your Java EE Applications - Part 2

    If you cannot satisfy the performance with one server node when concurrent users are increasing dramatically, or you cannot scale your Java applications with one JVM instance due to the limitation of garbage collection, your other choice is to run ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    Introduction to m2eclipse

    In this article, we will explore the features m2eclipse provides and help you start using an Eclipse plugin which provides real Maven integration for the best IDE platform available.  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    Scaling Your Java EE Applications -- Part 2

    Java applications can be scaled vertically (on a single system), or horizontally (across multiple systems). But to do either, you have to understand all parts of the system and software. Not doing so could defeat the purpose of adding system ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    The Road to JBI: Paved with Good Intentions

    The increasing adoption of SOA principles and integration/ESB technologies also encompasses efforts to create standards around various aspects of SOA. While standards are good for IT in general, not all standards are created equal. The standards ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    Are Java Web Applications Secure?

    One of the most extended belief about web applications is that most of them are insecure. This opinion is supported by statistics published by SANS [1] which show that almost half the vulnerabilities published during 2007 were related to web...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    Scaling Your Java EE Applications

    In this article, Wang Yu takes real world cases as examples to explain ways on how to scale Java applications based on his experiences on the laboratory projects, and at the same time, bring together practice, science, algorithms, frameworks, and ...  Continue Reading

  • July 01, 2008 01 Jul'08

    A RESTful Core for Web-like Application Flexibility - Part 1

    It may seem strange to start a series of articles about REST systems and the RESTful design approach with such a low level issue as binding. After all, REST is a "high level" idea that originated from a post hoc analysis of why the World Wide Web ...  Continue Reading