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July 2018

  • The secret history behind the success of npm and Node

    George Lawton - Community Member 19 Jul 2018
  • The CTO of npm, the free package manager driving JavaScript, explains the perfect storm behind the catastrophic success of JavaScript and Node.JS.

  • Get started with GoLang maps: A tutorial

    Walker Rowe - Community Member 17 Jul 2018
  • Object oriented programming has been the standard for years, but more and more use cases are demanding a functional programming approach to solving problems. In this tutorial, we will look at ...

  • Why we need to understand the human cost of legacy modernization

    Daisy.McCarty - Community Member 09 Jul 2018
  • Legacy modernization has been a topic of interest for over a decade, and with good reason. Enterprises are still struggling to update and upgrade their software portfolio. It’s not just sectors ...