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  • 3 questions to ask in a microservices oriented architecture review

    Bob Reselman - Community Member 06 Aug 2019
  • Don't get caught up in all the microservices oriented architecture hype just yet. Make sure you ask some key questions, and examine potential design issues before you say yes.

  • Top 5 software development best practices you need to know

    DmitryReshetchenko - Community Member 23 Apr 2019
  • Sometimes software development best practices are obvious. But as well-known as some of them may be, they are often overlooked. Explore these five best practices to ensure a smooth deployment.

  • Don't struggle to learn new programming languages

    George Lawton - Community Member 13 Feb 2019
  • Developers need to learn new programming languages to stay ahead in their field and improve their skills. But, this can be a cumbersome process since people learn in different ways.