Morphis is a Java -based open source wireless Transcoding platform from Kargo, Inc., a wireless technology company based in New York City. The new application development platform will enable delivery of customized text and graphics to users of wireless devices, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants ( PDA s), and handheld computers. Morphis provides a framework for the transformation of binary, plain text, and text markup content to suitable formats for wireless applications. It can also process images, as well as Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML ), Wireless Markup Language ( WML ), and Wireless Abstract for XML ( WAX ), an integral part of Morphis.

According to Kargo's Morphis product description, the platform supplies a framework that allows users to retrieve, translate, and convert any electronic document. Morphis' Extensible Markup Language ( XML ) processing framework uses Simple API for XML ( SAX ) event processing and XSL Transformations ( XSLT ). A single document may undergo multiple translations and filter s; complex logic can be provided by writing XSLT extensions. Multiple complex transformations are performed through a pipeline SAX processing engine. Kargo claims that Morphis will allow content providers to develop both current and future wireless applications without requiring they use specific standards or technologies.

This was last updated in September 2005

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