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     I'm not getting any output from this servlet prg. The intention is to display subjects based on the keywords
    Tks in advance for any early reply


    String Subject = req.getParameter("Subject");
            String Title = req.getParameter("Title");
            Statement statement1=null;
            statement1= con.createStatement();
            //String ss ="select * from EBRecord where [Subject]='" + Subject +"' and [Title]='" + Title +"'";
            String ss="SELECT EBRecord.Subject, EBRecord.Title, EBRecord.Author, EBRecord.Topic, EBRecord.Version,"+
            " EBRecord.DateOn, EBRecord.IndexLinks,EBRecord.RefETutorial, EBRecord.RefProjects, EBRecord.RefURL FROM "+
            "EBRecord where EBRecord.Subject like '*" + Subject+ "*'";

            ResultSet rs = statement1.executeQuery(ss);

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    try like '%" + Subject+ "%'" (It works on oracle)