Systinet releases WASP Advanced Server Java & UDDI Standard 3.0


News: Systinet releases WASP Advanced Server Java & UDDI Standard 3.0

  1. Today Systinet (formerly known as Idoox) announced the GA release of WASP Server Advanced Edition for Java 3.0 (the company's J2EE Web Services Server) and WASP UDDI Standard Edition 3.0 (the company's Web Services UDDI V2 registry implementation). Both products are available for free for development and test purposes.

    Check out WASP Advanced Server 3.0.

    Check out WASP UDDI Standard Edition 3.0.

    Some Key J2EE Integration Features of WASP Server 3:

    JNDI lookup API - Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) API lookup is the essential concept in WASP for Java Advanced. All objects registered in the J2EE Java JNDI directory are immediately accessible from the WASP for Java Advanced environment. Standard J2EE objects like EJBs, JDBC Datastore or JMS queue are automatically wrapped in the SOAP Web Service whenever they are looked up.

    EJB integration - WASP for Java Advanced EJB wrappers allow existing applications to become Web Services. This technology lets developers use their standard development environment for creating business logic and avoid the details of SOAP and UDDI. This approach shortens the learning curve and leverages current development skills.

    JMS pluggable transport - Java Messaging Service (JMS) API transport allows WASP for Java Advanced to transparently communicate over various messaging solutions like IBM MQ Series or Tibco Rendezvous. These messaging solutions brings reliability, durability and other valuable qualities of the SOAP message transport.
    Leading J2EE application servers support - WASP for Java Advanced may be used with many J2EE application servers. See documentation for more details about porting it to various application servers.

    JMS over SOAP - WASP for Java Advanced allows to use the well-known Java Messaging Service (JMS) API for sending messages over the SOAP protocol.

    JDBC over SOAP - WASP for Java Advanced allows to efficiently access databases through the SOAP protocol. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) calls are automatically translated to the SOAP messages and transferred to the DBMS.

    Main Features of WASP UDDI:

    Full UDDI 2.0 API compliance - WASP UDDI conforms to the UDDI V2 API specification.

    HTTP Browser Access - WASP UDDI exposes the standard HTTP browser interface for the easy discovery and publication of Web Services.

    SOAP Access - allowing automated Web Service lookup and publishing through the standard SOAP interface.

    Web and application servers support - supporting a wide range of web and application servers, from Apache Tomcat to high-end J2EE servers like BEA WebLogic.

    Leading RDBMS support - Currently Oracle and Postgres databases are supported. In future planned releases we will offer support for DB2, Sybase and MS SQL Server.

    Customizable Look & Feel - The GUI interface of the WASP UDDI is generated using XSL transformations. Corporations may use their own XSL style sheets in order to enforce their user interface rules with WASP UDDI.

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