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Performance and scalability: Comparison of free web load test tools

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    Can anyone provide a comparison of the various free/low cost web load testing tools.

    We need to simulate up to 5000 virtual users making HTTPS transactions against a JSP/EJB system running under BEA WebLogic. The key requirements are:

    generate randomized requests.

    Ability to parse returned replies to find parameters - we will need to test url rewriting and javascript redirects.

    Ability to run multiple load generator machines.

    Ability to validate responses.

    Logging timing results to a common readable format (e.g. CSV)

    The large testing suites (RadView, Mercury InterActive, SilkPerformer, ...) costs USD 10K+ for that many users - this is way out of our budget for this project.

    I have looked at various tools, including Grinder, jmeter and openSta - which others should I look at?
    In general, the parsing of the returned pages to extract encoded urls etc seems to be the weak point of all of these.

    Any suggestions?
    Niels Harremoes
  2. Have a look at Load.
  3. Hi Check out this,

    Murali Varadarajan