Opinions... True benefits of BMP Entity beans over DAO


EJB design: Opinions... True benefits of BMP Entity beans over DAO

  1. I definitely see the benefit of EJB's as a whole, and am using stateless session beans as business controller objects, but was wondering what the real benefit of BMP Entity beans would be over plain ol DAO's... I'm trying to make a decision on what to use on the back end, and would like some opinions..


  2. I don't understand. Usually, BMP is accomplished through the use of DAO's in the entity bean.
  3. I've been following this thread hoping that there will be some responses that I can learn from. Unfortunately, I dont have an answer as the same question has been on my mind as well.

    I believe Nic's question was instead of:

      Stateless Session Bean --> Entity Bean(s) --> DAOs

    Why not use the following:

      Stateless Session Bean --> DAOs (from within the business methods)

    Nic, please post your findings as this is an important question of practical significance IMHO.
  4. I didn't realize that there was another discussion along the same lines elsewhere in this forum.

    Please see this link.There are some good points made in the discussions there.