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    I am learning J2EE and EJB (using Weblolgic).

    My question is which Design tool is best compatible with Weblogic and easy to Use.

    Is it Visual Cafe or JBuilder?

    Also, Do I need to download and Install J2EE's JSDK along with Weblogic or will it come with Weblogic, Visual Cafe or JBuilder.

    Viewers Input would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Ram.
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    BEA have customers who using both WebGain and JBuilder but WebGain Studio (which includes Visual Cafe) is probabaly trhe most closely integrated with WebLogic.

    You can download trial versions of both WebGain and Borland products or order them on CD if you don't want to download.

    YOU don't need to download the JSDK if you are using WebLogic or one of the development tools.


    Paul White