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    Hello everybody,

    I am looking for a framework for "JSP". How a Java Beans, Tag Libs, XML Mapping for JSPs works toggether ? Any comments and suggestion will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance,

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    For JSP1.2 & servlets 2.3 specification

    The following framework is indeed worth ,considering
    JSP1.2/Servlet2.3 compliant container :Tomcat 4.01 (apache.org)
    Webserver:Apache 1.2.x (www.apache.org)
    Database:MySQL (www.mysql.com)
    Connection Pooling : PoolMan (www.codestudio.com)
    JDBC driver : org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver

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    You should take a look at WebWork, which you'll find at:

    It provides a good way to separate code from views (such as JSP's, but you can also use Velocity or XSLT), and is very easy to use.

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    We are using struts at the moment. It doesn't have tight XML integration, but it does a good job of separating the view and data components.
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    Try this URL for a pretty good and wide-ranging review of what's available out there (both JSP and Servlet-based solutions):


    It's put out by Enhydra, but it looks quite unbiased.

    Struts looks like the leading JSP framework. (If you like JSP -- personally, and not meaning to start an argument, BLEGH).

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    We use Oracle's Business Components framework based on the MVC pattern. It comes with a complete tag library for both prentation components and database access compenents. Very easy to use, and with their Jdev IDE, pretty quick to assemble with low learning curve.