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    Hi to all,

    I would like to learn, if, in real multi-tiered web applications, is it always the case that, app server serves also as the web server itself. I mean, what is tpe proportion of the cases, in which app server is only used as a 'bean container', but not as a 'web container' ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    WebSphere uses an IBM version of Apache.
    TomCat uses Apache.
    JRun notes that it does not expect to be as robust as Apache IIS etc..

    I think the answer to your question comes down to the load and features needed from the webserver. If you don't need much, then the Jrun webserver works OK. But it is not Apache. IBM thinks so, and adopted it. So most of the time you will "not" use the vendor created webserver.

    Does that answer your question?

    Mick Knutson
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    Ok, I understand your point.

    My next question is, I'm trying to build a J2EE based web application. As Jsp/Servlet container, I have decided to use Tomcat. And as a bean container, I am thinking of using Weblogic.

    Will I experince any technical or environmental problems, just because my app server is not the bean container?

    I will be making EJB calls, from withing Tomcat JSP's - Servlets to Weblogic.

    I am just trying to come to terms with such a configuration.