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    I have a cluster setup as follows
    Two weblogic instance on seperate boxes in cluster hosting Presentation logic and two weblogic instance in cluster hosting Object layer(Ejbs). When i remove one box hosting presention and object layer from the network, automatic failover takes place but it is too slow. What may be the problem, how can i fix it.



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    Could you clarify your architecture - do you have 4 weblogic instances on 4 machines or 2 instances on 2 machines?
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    Rajiv, could you tell me what OS and hardware you are running? If Win2K, are you using NLB for presentation (IIS or Apache)? If Solaris, are you using "Full Moon"?
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    I'm having 4 instances on two machines, the OS is solaris/sparc
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    So, I presume you are trying out the Multi-Tier Architecture described in BEA's document.

    Here is a snippet from their docs - maybe you should go thru it.
    Limitations of Multi-Tier Architecture

    Because the advanced configuration cannot optimize object calls using the collocation strategy, the Web application incurs network overhead for all method calls to clustered objects. This overhead may be acceptable, however, if your Web application requires any of the benefits described in Benefits of Multi-Tier Architecture.

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    I was not reffering to application overhead due to method calls. The failover takes more time why is it so