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    We want to seperate out our websphere appserver and our httpe server so that we can run the http server on a Linux box and the app server on an NT box. Anyway, all of the documentation we have seen says you need to have both the appserver and webserver installed on a machine for it to work? Has anyone else out there tried this? It seems like a pretty basic configuration but we can't get it working!! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!!!

  2. The only thing I can tell you, is that WebSphere on NT can be unstable. If you have the option of keeping it on Linux, I would highly recommend it.
  3. Right now it is on NT and they want the appserver left on NT. Apache does not run very well on NT though so we are trying to move that to Linux if we can. I don't think they will let us move the appserver but we are working on that one.
  4. Separation of the HTTP server and the application server is described in several documents about WebSphere.
    The WAS handbooks available from describe the topologies pretty well.
    For 3.5 the redbook is sg246161 (chapter 16).
    For 4.0 the redbook is sg246174 (chapter 5).

    Hope this helps

  5. We currently have WAS and the webserver on two different boxes. We currently have this setup using WAS 3.5.5, which requires you to use remote OSE. It seems to work fine, and we are looking at moving to WAS 4.0. What kind of problems do you see?
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    Yep you can do it's piss easy.....
    Read the
    or follow these instructions....

    for both WAS3.5.x or 4

    1. Install WAS fully (or without HTTP Server) on your WAS box using the gui or whatever you want to use.

    2. On the box you want to install HTTP Server install using the normal WAS CD's except only install HTTP Server and the Plugin..... verify that the plugin has been installed by checking the httpd.conf file for the WAS references.

    3. update your virtual host configuration in WAS.
    e.g. if your HTTP Server box is bigass20 ...put bigass20 in your virtual host config.

    4A. (FOR WAS35) restart your App Server (not was) ......ftp from the <WAS_HOME_DIR>/temp on your WAS box 3 files rules,vhosts and another file (can't think of it) to your HTTP Server under <WAS_HOME_DIR>/temp

    (You can also use a tool called but I can't be bothered writing about it)

    4B. (FOR WAS4.0) Regen the plugin and ftp your plugin.xml in the <WAS_HOME>/properties to the HTTP box.

    5. Restart your HTTP Box .....or wait for the refresh.
    6. ......your done

    All this is in the WAS35 redbook and the WAS40's there trust me I know, I wrote the damn thing :) (sorry if I missed anything just in a the redbook)

    happy scaling.