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    Anyone found a good use for the Dynamic Proxy API introduced in JDK 1.3+ yet?

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    Given some interfaces, it's great for creating marshalling code for any kind of middleware.
    I have used it for the client side code for Apache SOAP. It nicely encapsulates all the nasty calls for marshalling a SOAP call through Apache SOAP.

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    I'm on a project which is currently using it for exactly the same thing: to facilitate the call from the remote client to the server, via a SOAP web service layer which sits between them.

    (PS: but we may be moving from SOAP to sending serialized java objects, since SOAP is rather slow - either way we can keep using a Dynamic Proxy)
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    The runtime implementation of EJB Beans in Jboss was built on the principles of Dynamic proxy http://www.jboss.org/
    and most of the classes are in the package org.jboss.proxy.

     Also the Book Mastering RMI by Rickark Oberg, has a very practical example with Smart proxy in the CD which comes with the book.