I have been struggling to configure the tomcat3.2.1 for
 the last couple of weeks,I downloaded the openssl but cou
 ld not configure it properly.So I wanted to configure the
 tomcat with ssl support.What I have been doing follows:
 1)In the c:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\java.security I put the provider
 as mentioned in the server.xml file in the tomcat conf
 2)Using the keytool command I follow the below given steps
 a)keytool -genkey -alias tomcat
  and enters the relevant info for the generation of keys.
 b)the key entry is being checked by keytool -list
 3)Finally I unconmment the part specified in server.xml
 In Server.xml file I also give the path of keystore as
   Finally I save the server.xml file and start the server
 it starts at port no 8443 on dos prompt.
     But when I type https://localhost:8443/
  the server console shows IOException and Socket Closed.
 In the browser the certificate does not appear and it
 gives an error.Please let me know the properly about its
 configuration in the way i am doing,also let me know of
 other way if this is wrong.Please mail the steps on my
 mailid vickykak at justice dot com
 regards vicky