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    What are the key requirements to look for when you evaluate a product for an OEM soln? Just say I want to OEM a product with another product - what are the key reqmts that you will look for?


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    Some of things I would suggest you consider:

    1) Silent Install capabilities
    2) Command line control to reconfigure/rebuild/redeploy etc. without forcing the "user" of the app to learn the management tools of the app server
    3) Documentation and support from the vendor. Do they provide a documented feature set for an OEM solution--- and back it up with their standard support contracts
    4) APIs specifically for OEMs to determine what features are licensed, etc. at run time.
    5) A vendor that has a standard OEM licensing agreement already in existence.

    Of course, I'm a bit biased-- I work for Sybase. Sybase EAServer 4.0 (J2EE 1.3 ready) includes many specific enhancements and features targeted for OEMs. In fact, we have a number of customers that license EAServer an embed it inside of their products.

    Jason Weiss
    Manager, Software Engineering
    eBusiness Systems Group
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    Thanks Jason