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    I wants to map http://localhost:7001 url to just http://localhost in case of weblogic 6.1 server .

    Menas i wants to remove port number from the URL. How i can achieve this.
     Pls let me know. Thankx in advance.

    Manoj Toshniwal.
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      Hello. I honestly don't believe that you can actually do it, well not without modifying each client individually to point at port 7001 by default.

    If you do manage to find a way, post your findings in here as I'm sure others (myself included) would like to see how you achieved it.

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    Try this in a servlet or jsp:

    response.sendRedirect(request.Scheme() + "://" + request.getServerName() + request.getRequestURI() + (request.getQueryString() == null ? "" : "?" + request.getQueryString()));

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    Thanks to all of u. I was thinking of that there is any way in configuration settings by which i can eliminate the need to type port number in URL. I don't wants to include the code.

    Any way thanks for ur suggestion.