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    Hi all.

    Is there a list somewhere of the EJB 2.0 compliant app server ?
    Besides, is there any official plan for WebSphere 4 to be EJB 2.0 compliant ?

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    Hello Jean-Louis,

    This is a good overview of application servers and their current compliance:

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    Thanks for the information Henrik, but you have to know the document you gave me is out of date for some vendors.
    As far as I know, Sybase EAS 4 does support EJB 2.0, which is not mentionned.
    So maybe there are other infos you cannot rely on in this URL.

    FYI , here is an info I obtained from another forum, from an IBM guy :
    "EJB 2.0 will be supported by WAS 5.0, to be delivered sometime in 2002. "

    Sometime?? A little bit fuzzy, no ?

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    Lets face it Websphere is a really good product but their goal has never been to keep up with the spec. Insteed they have gone for the approach of building a much more stable product.

    As for the other market leader BEA Weblogic has on the other hand taken the other approach. Version 6.1 offers implementations of MDB, Web Services and JAAS.

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    Actually,there is a good matrix I've found from TheSererSide.com