Hi all ,

Am I wrong , or is it that J2EE specification (either 1.2 or 1.3) does not include task scheduling services ? Anyone knows if there is a J2EE compliant API to use to schedule tasks ? Or does EJB specs already cater for it (which is quite unlikely , I believe)

Weblogic's Time services was useful but now has been deprecated in Weblogic 6.1. Seems like there are companies that comes up with scheduling solutions like Tempo (Verge ArcheMedia Lab) , Flux (Sims Computing) and Kronos (Indus) to address the need to enterprise job scheduling. However since there don't seem to be a standard API for these , I suspect there may not be any portable way (in terms of API) to code to.

I need scheduling services that will perform some tasks , and I think looking at the circumstances , I may need to have an abstraction layer above a certain scheduling component. I will submit the tasks to this abstracted layer and the layer will delegate down to the actual scheduling component (so that if I need to change the scheduling component I just need to modify the abstraction layer)

Is this the best way to go , or is there a better solution that I can take ?