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    Starbase Corporation (makers of the Starteam collaborative source control system, in use by development team), today announced the availability of StarTeam Elite, a configuration and change management system, that also helps the development process through requirements-driven tasks and change request features. Starbase's products are all built from the ground up on Java/XML.

    Press Release
    SANTA ANA, Calif., Dec 11, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Starbase Corp. (Nasdaq:SBAS), the leading provider of end-to-end collaborative products for both the development and management of content and code for enterprise and e-business applications, today announced the availability of StarTeam Elite, the only configuration and change management system that drives the development process from requirements, tasks and change requests to improve both the productivity and quality of enterprise applications.

    StarTeam Elite is a high-end solution designed to meet specific business needs through customizations by Starbase Professional Services.

    "StarTeam Elite's customization capability and enforceable workflow will provide our team with increased control over the entire development process," stated Steve Morling, project leader, principal engineer for AG Communication Systems.

    "This is crucial in an enterprise like ours with several hundred development team members. StarTeam Elite delivers a truly integrated approach to development enabling the management of all our digital artifacts, including requirements."

    StarTeam Elite's new functionality coupled with advanced customization capability extends the StarTeam Enterprise product to fully integrate requirements management and workflow into the development process.

    The integration of these functions enables the "publishing" of requirements from Starbase's requirements management product, CaliberRM, into StarTeam and the implementation of an enforceable requirement-driven development process. This managed process unifies and speeds the development life cycle, significantly improving the quality of applications.

    "As application development projects increase in size and scope, the need for IT management to establish best practices and control the development process also increases," stated Lydia Patterson, vice president of marketing for Starbase. "The ability to implement and enforce a clear and well-understood process greatly improves development efficiency."

    Patterson continued: "Including our Professional Services Group's customization capabilities with StarTeam Elite enables the delivery of a highly personalized development solution for our customer, which supports the most sophisticated needs of the development process. Based on Java and XML technologies, StarTeam Elite supports all application development platforms with a common user interface and workflow model."

    About StarTeam Elite
    StarTeam Elite comprises: -- All features in the StarTeam Enterprise product (both client and server). -- The StarTeam Requirement Component -- Integration between CaliberRM and StarTeam Requirement Component. -- Starbase Professional Services delivers customizable cross

    platform workflow support and custom change request form design.
    Pricing: -- StarTeam Enterprise Elite Client: $1,995 -- StarTeam Enterprise Elite Server: $9,995 -- Maintenance is priced at an additional 18% -- Starbase Professional Services: based on customization

    About StarTeam Enterprise The StarTeam configuration and change management system, an integral part of the Starbase Collaboration Suite, includes cross platform client and server support for defect tracking, change management, version control, threaded conversations, task management with MS Project integration and workflow and process management.

    Utilizing StarDisk, StarTeam 5.1 users can enroll both non-technical and technical project participants within the organization or outside the company, in the application development process.

    About Starbase Starbase is the leading provider of end-to-end collaborative products for both the development and management of integrated content and code for enterprise and e-business applications. Collaboration is the simultaneous coordination, management and communication of geographically dispersed contributors of both code and content for enterprise and e-business applications.

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    What do people think of StarTeam compared to CVS?
    Are their enough items that make it worth the jump from
    the free CVS to StarTeam? I think it is great to have the tie-ins with bug tracking, requirements tracking (tie with Caliber) etc etc
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    Having used CVS, Perforce, ClearCase, Visual Source Safe and now StarTeam I must say that StarTeam is the sweetest of all these products to use. We switched to use StarTeam from CVS and we are very happy with it.

    To be fair you can't compare CVS with StarTeam since StarTeam offers so much more than source control. The Bug tracking and project management features of StarTeam are very useful, and having them built into the client makes it much easier to get fellow team members to use them.
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    I'm sorry for moving this off-topic, but how does StarTeam compare with MKS Source Integrity? I know MKS is expensive, but I like the defect tracking capabilities. Just wondering you you (or anybody else) has compared the two.

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    We've used StarTeam the last two years and we're very happy with it. We've experienced some problems with performance though in some situations, but it seems to be some problem with our repository so it's not necessarily something that everyone will experience. Also, Starbase seems to have had some problems with their development team or something because updates have been quite infrequent. It's seems they've sorted those problems out now though.