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    NetBeans, the open source project behind Sun's Forte for Java IDE, Compuware's OptimalJ, Zucotto's WhiteBoard IDE and Compaq's Compaq NetBeans for OpenVMS is proud to announce the release of NetBeans 3.3. It is distributed as a fully functional Java IDE, and is available for download at

    This release marks a 45% improvement in startup time, new features in the editor and more. Highlights of NetBeans features include:

    Ant support (the apache build tool)
    Integrated CVS support
    Fast editor with code completion, macros and syntax highlighting
    Compile, execute and debug with any JDK, not just the one you run NetBeans with
    Graphical form designer
    Support for CORBA, RMI, JNDI and JDBC
    Work in either SDI (multiple window) or MDI (single window) mode

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    just updated this new version. now where was the 45% improvement. did i miss anything here.

    anyway i was done with netbeans a long time back. switched to Eclipse. Its an awesome tool.

    Just wanted to give netbeans one last shot. my last one for sure.

    I am just too happy with eclipse for the moment.

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    Me too, I am extremely pleased with Eclipse. I am using WSAD on top of Eclipse and it is unbelievable.
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    Oh come guys should be using IntelliJ!

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    good point! I downloaded IntelliJ today, was just curious about that refactoring stuff. I must say I'm really impressed. It's absolutely amazing, the first IDE where you think that those guys developing it are probably using it themselves! I really consider dropping JBuilder for the serverside stuff for our whole team and changing to IntelliJ. After a day of playing around with it I think I'm already working more fluently than with JBuilder before (which I actually like a lot as well).

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    I have to agree with the IntelliJ comments. I've downloaded their evaluation copy, and keep finding something awesome about it every 5 minutes. ;o) Their tagline is Develop with Pleasure, and it certainly seems accurate. I threw JBuilder out the door.
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    i agree w/ the comments about intellij.. it is the best tool that i've used so far.. it even have perforce plugin to the system.. the only system i have seen so far that has this kind of support:)
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    I would switch back to NetBeans, but I started using Eclipse and haven't looked back yet. Its just a very friendly environment and doesn't mine me using JDK1.4.

    On the topic of refactoring, perhaps I've missed something - but it appears that Eclipse has all the useful refactoring methods.
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    IDEA Rocks..We are using IDEA since 4 months. We dumped JBuilder for IDEA. It surely improves productivity, clean code.
    I love refactoring, layout code, auto-import,code-completion, Quick JavaDoc,clean UI, more editing area...and much more.
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    IDEA rocks !
    I like the code completion, layout code, refactoring, perforce integration.. the code completion is awesome
    and it is damn cheap.. editing JSP's/HTML files rocks..
    almost forgot.. surround code with.. feature is damn good.. very useful coding JSP

    I am going to dump Jbuilder for sure.
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    IntelliJ is quickly conquering our whole department. I started with it and now we're up to 5 using it - more to come. It's truly an amazing product.
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     could u suggest me the best IDE for enterprise development.
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    It's interesting how a thread started on NetBeans 3.3 (along with the NetBeans' 45% startup time whatever...) ended up all about <b>IntelliJ's IDEA</b>! Now that's a tool one can get passionate about!

    IDEA is really quite a powerhouse! In our project, we were evaluating a new IDE to replace the late VisualAge for Java. As you can imagine, that was a very tough job because frankly we were all quite spoilt by VisualAge. Finally we settle on IDEA because we believe it far out perform VisualAge in usability and productivity!

    You guys owe it to yourself to give IDEA a try. Once you get on the IDEA, you will never go back!

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    yeah, WSAD (eclipse) is amazingly cool. its the best IDE i have seen for long. not only does it have cool editing n refactoring feature which i guess IDEA has too, but what makes it stand out is loads of other stuff like J2EE development, Web Services development, XML editing etc - all in one place.

    and hey if u r not satisfied u can develop ur plug-ins to extend the IDE, like the one i m developing right now:)
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    I still prefer NetBeans. Release 3.3 is nothing new to me, I've been using the nightly builds and others since about 3.1. I get the feeling Netbeans was designed with Java in mind. Compare it with Visual Cafe which resembles even the earliest of clunky C++ IDEs.

    I love the XML modules in Netbeans. Also the unit test mod (uses junit). Building with Ant is the ONLY way to go for any project IMHO and Netbeans supports that very well. The database explorer (added recently from forte) is very handy. If you do wireless stuff, then you already know the j2me wireless dev kit is built around netbeans. I also like the concept of a set of filesytems representing the classpath.

    CVS support is crucial. Netbeans does that really well, allowing you to mount a CVS filesystem remotely.

    As for J2EE, tomcat is built into netbeans so you can easily debug jsp pages. Mostly I use JBoss -- tracing through code from tier to tier is possible in netbeans.

    Now how much would you pay? More importantly it's open source, which is a significant advantage over IDEA and others.

    I haven't checked out eclipse yet. I sure hope it doesn't have a tight coupling to websphere though. I hate it when open source stuff ties you into some proprietry 3rd party server.
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    Eclipse has everything - ant support, junit, cvs , clearcase as long as u have plug-ins for them. and no its not tied to webspheres. its just the plug-in which glues them. so if u have a plu-in for weblogic u r all set.

    netbeans is definitely not for me. its difficult to keep a track on the no of hours i have lost working on netbeans. its just painfully slow n buggy.
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    Kapil Israni wrote:
    > ...
    > its difficult to keep a track on the no of hours i have
    > lost working on netbeans. its just painfully slow n buggy"

    My experience with NetBeans is completely different from yours and, after a statement like that, I find it difficult to believe anything you say.
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    I dint ask u to beleive me or did i. I am entitled to my opinion and so r u. but anyway .....

    Let me give one instance of a bug which made me loose hours -

    "Extra bytes at the end of file". i looked at the file in my netbeans editor, nothing wrong absolutely wrong. after spending quite a few minutes i decided the get rid of every line of code except a simple empty class declaration. still the same error. i closed netbeans, brought it up again, still no way out. did it sveeral times and time it takes to bring up netbeans, boy that again cost be several minutes.

    later what do i find out. i went to my file system (explorer) opened the file in notepad and what do i see, surprise, there was nothing but junk in the file. thats what netbeans was saving on the file system and thats what the netbeans was tryin to compile but..but thats not what netbeans was showing me on the editor. and thats not just an exception, i got this problem several times.

    let me know n i will be more than happy to give u more examples. after all after getting on to eclipse i have more time to spare ;)

    take care
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    Are you sure you didn't open the .class file with notepad <g> ?

    You probably messed something up in your environment. We have used Netbeans in a project with 15 developers for a year without any problems.
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    I could find no reference to this bug in the bug database for netbeans. Perhaps you should have filed it? More likely though, it's operator error, since I've never encountered this problem.

    I've been using netbeans for a long time, quite productively but I'd love to hear more examples of how I'm wasting my time, if you have them.
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    Ok, here u go.

    This is a problem i got, when i integrated ClearCase within netbeans so as to enable check-out and check-in operation from within netbeans.

    First it would take days to bring up the clear case menu(right-click on file) then years for the check-in operation to complete. (well not literally but certianly loads of time). And then, as if the amount of time wasnt enough to frustrate me, netbeans would just pick some text(part of code) from the file and append it before checking in. now this would happen only at times, so hey,u can say, i wasnt at least wasting time all the time. so i would have to go to process of checking out and checking it back again and see whether this time netbeans didnt mis-behaved. Finally i wud run out of patience, close netbeans and open notepad clear out unwanted text and check it in from the explorer, until one fine day i discovered eclipse (thanx to server-side) and got my chance to dump netbeans.
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    Hi there ...

    The problem you describe is very similar to something we were getting when using ClearCase.

    At first, we thought it was NetBeans, but a few other developers had the same problem with JBuilder.

    It turned out to be an issue with ClearCase, that was fixed quietly by the chaps upstairs.

    I don't think NetBeans is your problem ....
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    Eclipse may have Ant support... shame it doesn't work. It gives you an error saying you can't use the classic compiler as JAVA_HOME is not set even when it is. Many people have the same problem.... it's not me (check the website).

    The fix (which doesn't seem to work anyway) is to set the build.compiler in your Ant file to some Eclipse specific class. What? What kind of "let's lock you in" kind of fix is that? Not one I'm prepared to live with...

    Eclipse looks like it will be a great IDE one day, but it's not there now. Use it only if you want to use Beta quality code.

    Perhaps one day, all IDEs (inc Netbeans) will simply allow me to use my own Ant install instead of some bundled version...

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    I need a GUI builder and currently Eclipse doesn't have one, and the one in Netbeans doesn't suite my needs: I usually design a form with null layout, and when it's ready I switch to gridbag layout, and the ide creates the code for me. This works in jbuilder and visual age. However with netbeans the components are moved around, and the form become useless. So I'll have to stick with jbuilder, which has a good bui builder.
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    If this technique you describe (null layout->GB) is the state-of-the-art in Java UI construction, there would seem to be a product opportunity here.

     * You should never write code to do layout, use a tool
     * You should never have to see what the tool generates

    If you think about it, the layout is just another type of resource, and you wouldn't hard-code your resources into your classes.

    We used to have this before AWT/Swing.
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    I am looking for an IDE that can do painless reverse engineering based on a J2EE .EAR file.
    Does anybody know an IDE that is very good in importing .EARs? Can those eclipse, NetBeans IDEs do the job?

    I've already tried to import my .EAR in TogetherSoft controlcenter, but this one leaves me with errors.

    Isn't the whole idea of ear files to be a portable exchange format? I cannot understand that there is no more emphasis on this issue.

    Note that the application I'm trying to import is the ECperf benchmark, which SHOULD be portable according to its specification.
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    Although it's not IDE you can easily turn it to the state where it's very similar to it.

    What I'm talking about is called: HP RadPak 1.0. It's available at: as a part of the HP-AS download (at the end of the questionaire you'll get at the product).

    * Easy work with WARs, EJB-JARs, EARs, JARs (in general)
    * Many subpanels, subsubpanels depending on the context yor're in with a bunch of menus
    * Integration with external tools (that's how you can work with your favorites tools while working with RadPak)
    * HP-AS integration (i.e. manipulation of applications already deployed to HP-AS)
    * ...

    and many, many other features I haven't mentioned as I think these aforementioned ones are interesting enough to try it out by yourself.

    So, to stay with the thread, it's possible to configure HP RadPak so that Java files are to be edited by NetBeans or IDEA whereas JARs are managed by the tool itself.

    Jacek Laskowski
    HP Consulting
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    I am successfully using WSAD and deploying to WebLogic. Eclipse is open source and does not tie you in.

    WSAD is built on top of Eclipse with a WebSphere 4.0 environment. I can test my J2EE compliant code in WAS 4.0 and run it in WLS 6.1.
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    One small note: Eclipse is currently limited to run on Windows and Linux. Netbeans was tested on at least 7 platforms.
    On another note, the real problem will be that the module writers community will be fragmented. Both projects (Netbeans and Eclipse) need the support to write modules that are the real value-add. Currently Eclipse has clearly to catch-up at this chapter.
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    I have the same problem of evaluating another IDE to replace VAJ. I am planning to upgrade to WAS4, so, I am evaulating the IDE also. We are still using VAJ3.5, and will go VAJ4 soon. Since WSAD is ready now (also IBM, maybe compatibility with WAS is better), I see you have a successful experience on changing from VAJ to IDEA.

    Can u share some experience on:
    - ease of coding
    - compatibility with WAS, or other application server
    - version control

    I have a bad experience on VAJ...
    many thanks
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    If you are going to be using WAS 4.0, you most
    certainly want to use WSAD. We experienced nothing
    but grief trying to use VAJ 3.5.3 and VAJ 4.0.

    Don't waste your time moving to VAJ 4.0...

    WSAD's integration with WAS 4.0 is fantastic. In fact
    it's testing environment is WAS 4.0.1 single server.

    But.... My heart still lies with Netbeans/Forte.


  32. IDE to replace VAJ[ Go to top ]

    I've been evaluating IDEs to replace VAJ as well. Websphere Studio Site Developer is close, but still misses some features I became comfortable with in VAJ. So far I haven't found an IDE with a debugger as powerful. Here are some features that seem to be unique or better in VAJ than other IDEs....

    - Automatic compilation on save (optional in Site Developer).
    - Icons instantly highlight errors in fields, methods, classes, and packages.
    - Integrity maintained throughout project when updating a class or method name.
    - You can make code changes in the debugger and re-start execution of the current method.
    - Debugger steps through code atomically, not just each line of text.
    - Version history is maintained at the method, class, package, and project level.
    - A scrapbook for testing code snippets.
    - Code completion works forwards or backwards (i.e. given a class VAJ lists possible packages).
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    Guys slow down...

    I have been using NetBeans/Forte for a year now. Although I LOVE the openness nature of NetBeans, I have actually used it as nothing but an advanced Notepad. The latter might be my failure as a developer.

    However, I still miss the development tools from Microsoft, specially Visual Basic.

    I have seen developers using eClipse, and it seems pretty ok.

    Well, I would say that NetBeans and eClipse should live side by side as Gnome and KDE do.
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    Big knife
    Tub bubbler
    Sex,sex,sex,sex,she wants SEX!!!!

    IntelliJ is _awesome_ on windows but has a _long_ way top go on unix. I have been running intellij on linux for two weeks and have found many problems including menus that don't work or work only work half the time, a right-click menu that leaves its shadow until you restart intellij, almost none of the refactoring stuff works and much functionality works only sporadically. CVS is able to checkout some files, but after that don't count on it for anything else; I have yet to get it to work properly. Even in the help file it states that CVS has only been tested on Windows. These are _major_ issues!

    I have sent a few emails to IntelliJ with no response. With all that&#8217;s wrong with intelliJ on unix, I still prefer to it over Jbuilder though. I just hope that they get these problems resolved in the next release and spend more development time on unix.

    Also, I have to say that on windows, intellij blows every other IDE out of the water. It is simply an _outstanding_ piece of software. It's obvious from the first time you use it that a great deal of thought has been put into its design and functionality.

    If you haven&#8217;t tried IntelliJ,. give it shot. I _kicks ass_!!

    john mcdonald
    software guy
    iTradeNetwork, Inc.
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    I put my last reply in an open word document(christmas list) to check for spelling errors and apparently copied some of the christmas list into the reply. Sorry everyone. Ignore the top part of the last post.

    -john mcdonald
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    I don't know what the deal is with all this NetBeans FUD. I'm wondering if there aren't some people from IDE companies or something. NetBeans is awesome, I've been able to be extremely productive with it. I've been using it since 3.1. As far as I can tell, IBM is merely imitating a clearly successful project: NetBeans. NetBeans has features and functionality that just aren't there yet with Eclipse. And where are all the 3rd parties building on Eclipse? There are tons of people of building their products on and with NetBeans, and that's the hallmark of a truly great Open Source project. The APIs of NetBeans make it possible and easy to do almost anything... that's probably it's most important strength. I'm happy to see another open source IDE, and some people at my company really like Eclipse. But I'm not sure why IBM couldn't just come on board with NetBeans instead of reinventing the wheel. As far as open source IDEs go, don't kid yourself: there is no question who is the leader and who is the follower.
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    <cant say for sure, but we shud see them(borland,rational,webgain,together etc) soon

    NetBeans is a good tool, no doubt bout that.

    So was Jbuilder (foundation) when i was using it, but then i saw netbeans and liked it and got hooked on to it. But slowly i realised that netbeans had its share of problems (god knows, but maybe thats what made ibm move away from netbeans) and got my hands on eclipse and really liked it. theres always room for a better product.

    and hey who says follower cant be a leader some day, no rule book, i m sure.
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    Hi guys !

    I read your comments and wounder a lot -> Does any of you pay for your IDE or do you just surf around and try out open source ? Sometimes it looks like if all IDE that cost anyting are "wrong", much like the first days of the net where everything should be free ore in the LINUX arena where you also expect everything to be free.

    So - if you HAD the money - what should you buy ?
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    JBuilder, of course.

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    I use Netbeans not because I can't afford a copy of JBuilder/Visual Cafe/or proprietary whatever. I use use it because it's the best tool. Generally I don't dwell too much on a tool -- I pick a good tool for the job and stick with it . However, netbeans has so frequently been that tool for the job, it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings all over so I don't mind defending it here.
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    I have been using Netbeans /Forte for a while and I really like it. It is real hacking tool, very highly modularized - which is were the quirks come from. You can disable the modules you do not need and efficiently run it on P200 - try it with Virtual Ages with Java ;-).

    Some other tools seem smoother and better polished, but so far they always lacked one or the other features of NetBeans: CVS integration, remote multi session debugging, JSP&XML editing, remote FTP filesystems, DB browser, flexible ANT control or simply price. Depending on the project there is always a feature that gets me back to NetBeans/Forte. Learning curve may be stepper then let say IDEA, but you get at the end seems worth it.

    It seems like swiss army knife - not the most beatiful, but if you need just one thing you probably will need it.

    Otherwise you may have one excellent Java editing tool and do your JSPs and/or ant scripts in the notepad - you get Alt-TAB macro preloaded in your fingers - some of my fellow VAJ colegues come to my mind ;-).

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    I tried NetBeans 3.3, i was using 3.2.1. and now i have to uninstall 3.3 because it keeps locking up.... what a waste of time.

    netbeans needs refactoring!
  43. NetBeans IDE 3.3 completely useless[ Go to top ]

    worst upgrade ever, its a downgrade.
    good thing its free....
    they took away object browser.....

    the best feature....

    stay away from 3.3!!!!!!!!!!!