Pramati Server 3.0 first to pass J2EE 1.3 CTS tests


News: Pramati Server 3.0 first to pass J2EE 1.3 CTS tests

  1. Pramati Technologies today announced Pramati Server 3.0, industry's first independently developed application server to achieve J2EEv 1.3 compatibility. Achieving this industry first involved passing over 15,000 tests in the Sun Microsystems J2EE Compatibility Test Suite.

    Press Release
    San Jose, December 18, 2001 - Pramati Technologies today announced Pramati Server 3.0,industry's first independently developed application server to achieve Java 2 Platform,Enterprise Edition (J2EE)v 1.3 compatibility. Achieving this industry first involved passing over 15,000 tests in the Sun Microsystems J2EE Compatibility Test Suite.

    Pramati is also announcing today Pramati Studio 3.0 for developers who need an integrate development environment (IDE)for building applications to the new standard. Both products are expected to be generally available before end of 2001. Pramati Server 3.0 carries a high-performance Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)2.0 container with
    support for enterprise-level features such as load balancing,failover and hot deployment. Pramati Server 3.0 is designed from the ground up to support transparent clustering,which provides performance,scalability and reliability for enterprise-grade deployments. Moreover,the JMX-based Web console of the Server takes management and monitoring to new levels of power and reach.

    "Two key focus areas for Pramati Server 3.0 have been manageability and productivity," said Vijay Pullur,co-founder and CTO, Pramati Technologies. "We believe EJB 2.0,connectors and messaging integration in J2EE 1.3 are very powerful features for building enterprise applications, but a good implementation needs sophisticated development and management tools. Pramati is proud to be the first in bringing out the complete platform that is J2EE 1.3 compatible."

    "Java technology is transforming the enterprise by simplifying integration and bringing choice to the middle tier," said Tracey Stout,vice president,Marketing Java and XML Software,Sun Microsystems,Inc. "Pramati's rapid delivery of a J2EE 1.3 compatible application server, development tools,and management tools gives the industry new choices that can lower total cost of ownership."

    The J2EE Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)delivers a suite of tests,tools and documentation for ensuring compatibility. Upon successful completion of the test suite,licensees may use the Java Compatible,Enterprise Edition brand. This process allows licensees to create their own specific implementation of J2EE,while maintaining compatibility with other Java technology-based applications.

    Pramati Studio 3.0 equips large,distributed,diverse development teams with intuitive and intelligent tools that reduce the time and cost of developing standard enterprise components. Pramati Studio is app server agnostic and supports direct deployment to several J2EE-compliant app servers.With its in-built J2EE server,Web server and debugger,the Studio forms a complete development and test environment.

    About Pramati Technologies
    Pramati Technologies offers tools,software and services to quickly and economically build,run and maintain enterprise Java applications.Pramati solutions are completely standards compliant, lowering the cost of ownership and providing choice to the customer.It offers superior technology,flexible licensing and bountiful support to all its customers and has licensed the Java 2 Platform,Enterprise Edition (J2EE)from Sun Microsystems,Inc. To find out more about Pramati products and services,email info at pramati dot com or visit us on the web at

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  2. This is great news - even BEA isn't expected to be fully J2EE 1.3 compliant until their next major release - available sometime in Q2 2002.

    Congratulations Pramati!
  3. It is a great news and I am proud of it. Let Pramati be the one of the first product from the country who has given so many entrepreneurs to the Silicon Valley. Kudos to Pramati Development Team.
  4. Perhaps they can follow up with ECPerf results.
  5. What does it mean it's the only independently developed applicaiton server ?

    - Kuruvilla
  6. Yup, congratulations to the Pramati guys. I met them at JavaOne last year, they're a cool bunch.

    Well done.

  7. Pramati,

    Glad to get a first j2ee 1.3 compliant server from pramati,
    pls make the Admin console very easy to use & hard-market the product , sure it will become rival to IBM and BEA.
  8. Yes, manageability has been a key focus for us, apart from performance and compliance.
    Some of the key features in our new web based management console:

    - fully componentized management console (JMX and JSP components)
    - all mbeans and jsp components are published and can be fully configured to manage the Server as well as applications through the same framework (you can create "My console" with select pages and components using application specific vocabulary instead of app server terminology).

    - comprehensive framework for Alerts - you can also create app-specific alerts (WAP-enabled)

    - single cockpit view to manage multiple servers and clusters
    - extensive statistics
    - web-based deployment of prepared apps.
    and more to be announced as JSR77 becomes public.

    ashish at pramati dot com
    Product Manager
  9. Congratulations to the Pramati Team .
  10. Congratulation to Pramati team for first J2EE 1.3 Certification
  11. Congratulations Pramati Team on your enticing achievement.
  12. Congratulations Pramati!

    Btw...are you guys expected in SF JavaOne 2002?
  13. Also I was thinking...does Pramati have plans to provide Netbeans integration module? So that developers can use FFJ to deploy their apps on Pramati servers...

    Just thoughts,
  14. Congrats Pramathi... good show. Now its time to pushup your marketing team to give a good show.
  15. We may take it up; but no firm plans yet. This is the first request we have
    had for this.

    But if you are looking for an IDE to work with, you could also explore
    Pramati Studio (an IDE meant just for J2EE development that comes embedded
    with a full featured, embedded Pramati App Server (right click deploy is as
    neat as it gets!). It is functionally very rich for j2EE development -
    generates App Server neutral code to deploy J2EE applications seamlessly
    across application servers. provides configurable framework for easy
    integration with external tools; unique debugging tools for seamless
    debugging of EJB's and JSP's.
  16. Congratulations to Pramati team for Passing the J2EE test,
    I am proud of you guys making first indigenously developeed
     server in India,

    But you people have definetly have to see the problems whicj iplanet is facing although developed by SUN

    Sometime back for evaluating the applicaton servers for recommmending to client, I gone through a document in which it was mentioned that Pramati has not very good documentation support,

    I hope you people have rectified this problem and reached the level of Document support which weblogic offers


  17. I dowloaded the 3.0 beta and spent about 30 minutes with it. Not qualified for an opinion yet but first contact is impresive. The fact that attention is given to the way things look is winsome.

    Regarding the server: keep it reliable and easy to work with. Don't make it rocket science. Regarding the Studio, If my opinion is appreciated, I'd give a pointer. Learn from Intellij Idea. Give me rich editing features as I don't give much for all those wizards. And don't force me to put my curly brace where you want - it is very rude.

    Congratulations and good luck.
  18. Great[ Go to top ]

    Thats great achievement.Hats off !
  19. out-of-the-blue[ Go to top ]

    The Chinese "interesting times" cliche is relevant to the J2EE marketplace these days.

    While the name Pramati sounds familiar, this really is out-of-the-blue (I suspect) for many of us. Another feature list heavy weight has entered the ring - at least on paper. Or rather what's left of the paper... I have drooled all over mine.

    For the time being I'm still a fan of Weblogic (Pramati evaluation download is proceeding - or at least it was... I can't seem to connect to anymore). While I'm always looking at cars driving by in other lanes, there is something reassuring about the size of BEA's userbase. Did anyone ever get fired for choosing Micros^H^H^H^H^H^H BEA? Actually don't answer that... if you got fired I don't want to know :)

    Passing the J2EE 1.3 certification is a confidence booster but - heh... older iPlanet App servers passed Sun's previous certifications while harboring significant bugs. Actually - there's an interesting thought - how much do you want to bet the mothership itself is cracking the whip on developing a new iPlanet... probably from scratch to get rid of their current mess of tangled binaries.

    If I were an App Server vendor I'd be doing my best to make "fans" out of developers and IT professionals on an individual basis... concentrating partly on developing grassroot support. It seems to me that Mr's Gates and Ellison understand the power of this concept... there is a relationship to develop, not only with corporate accounts, but with individual professionals in a context separate from their current employers. Relationships with individual professionals are powerful because we tend to move around.... its "viral marketing" or something similar. We take our favorite products, solutions and methodologies with us wherever we go. What is the potential long term worth of such a relationship? I think its significant.

  20. out-of-the-blue[ Go to top ]

    Absolutely right Markus! You couldn't have got closer to what's going on in our minds.
    Coming out with strong, technically competent products is only a part of any success story. We have worked hard on getting the first part of it correct and are putting our hearts and minds together on making the story complete by working on reaching out to the developers. And, as a firm that doesn't exactly ripple with the marketing muscle of the biggies, its imperative that we make it right here!!

    And of course, do wait for our ECPerf results to be out next month!:)

    Any suggestions/ comments from your end are greatly welcome.

    Developer Relations, Pramati
  21. Today I've checked and it lists only three J2EE 1.3 compatible implementations:
    - CA CoolJoe (*sort of* IDE)
    - IBM WebSphere TD (app server - passed the test yesterday (Dec 20'01), announced today)
    - Sun's SDK 1.3