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    dear friends

    i am using weblogic 6.0, and i wanted to use type 4 drivers : that is OCI DRIVER.. ie., weblogic.jdbc.oci.Driver.
    when i create a pool and start the server, server throws me the following errors:

    the driver weblogic.jdbc.oci.Driver could not be loaded , because weblogicoci37 is not available in the java.library.path.
    so please guide me ............

    2> how to connect a printer services using JNDI.

    plz reply to : kannan_office at rediffmail dot com

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    Hi Khannan,
    Try to add the Oracle Driver jar file or the directory name to the classpath in the setXYZEnv.cmd file. where XYZ can be anything...

    Hope this helps.

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    Sorry...ignore my last reply...

    Add the following to ur PATH Env variable

    $set PATH=%WL_HOME%\bin\oci817_8;c:\ORANT817\bin;%PATH%
    if your oracle version id 8.1.7 else change it accordingly...

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    You should set the PATH variable to include
    weblogicoci37.dll file which is available
    in d:\weblogic\oci\bin\oci815_8 directory.
    set PATH=%PATH%;d:\weblogic\oci\bin\oci815_8;

    -Krishna Prasad.
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    You might want to use the Oracle Thin driver instead for better performance. Check out this article:

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