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EJB programming & troubleshooting: Unable to deploy after adding a new method! help

  1. Unable to deploy after adding a new method! help (1 messages)

    using WLS6.1, BMP
    the problem is:
    I have a perfectly running BMP deployment.
    I am using the following pattern for the applicaiton:
    controller-->Session -->entity----->DAO

    Now, I added a new method into controller to retrieve customers based on his first name,middle name and last name. The same method I added in to the Session remote interface and Session ejb.The implementation of the above method in the Session ejb contacts the dao to get the list of all the customers with given firstname,middle name and last name and returns it back.
    But when I compile and deploy the jar file, I am getting the following error messages while deployment:
    edManagerEJB_cenips_EOImpl.java:13: com.haf.insurance.insured.ejb.InsuredManager
    EJB_cenips_EOImpl should be declared abstract; it does not define getInsuredByFu
    llName(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String) in com.haf.insurance.
    public final class InsuredManagerEJB_cenips_EOImpl
    1 error
    <Dec 27, 2001 9:32:56 AM IST> <Error> <J2EE> <Error deploying application com:

    Unable to deploy EJB: com.jar from com.jar:

            Compiler failed executable.exec(java.lang.String[D:\bea\jdk131\bin\javac
    .exe, -nowarn, -classpath, D:\bea\wlserver6.1\tmp_ejbws10197001\com_com;D:\bea\w

    I'm sorry for this long message - but I am really stuck here badly...
    Pls help
  2. Sounds like you need to run the ejb compiler for your application server. The container classes don't sound like they are in sync with your EJB.