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    The Bayme Capital Group is an independent investment bank specializing in mergers & acquisitions advisory services. We focus on middle-market clients in information technology, and federal technology services. We intentionally limit the number of sales that we handle, so clients receive our full attention throughout a transaction. Our service-oriented approach assures that our clients reap the maximum benefits our professional expertise has to offer.

    We are currently representing a NASDAQ listed client that is interested in beginning discussions with Java/J2EE consulting firms, potentially leading to an acquisition or merger of equals. We have been active in this space, and recently completed the acquisition of a J2EE firm focused on the financial services vertical.

    Our client is a NASDAQ listed corporation that is lead by a blue chip executive team and board of directors. The backgrounds of the individuals involved varies between those with a financial background at institutions such as Bank of America, Solomon Brothers and The Soros Funds, and those who have an information technology background at companies such as Xerox Parc, AT&T & IBM. All of the individuals share the following three characteristics: 1) They have at least a decade of experience holding senior positions with a publicly traded entity or a bulge bracket investment bank, 2) they also know what it is like to run a start-up from a card table in your garage, and 3) they do not draw a salary, but work strictly on equity compensation.

    Our client wants to increase the viability and efficiency of small, independent IT firms through the formation of a Commonwealth of Business in the IT sector. Under this model the client purchases 100% ownership of small IT firms, yet seeks to preserve the dynamic, entrepreneurial culture of success that makes small companies so successful in the first place.

    Our acquisitions all maintain the following:

    1) Management remains in place, employment contracts are issued
    2) Company retains its identity
    3) Preserves brand management and style
    4) Sales increase due to cross-selling opportunities in the commonwealth
    5) Company management participates with our client over a five year period
    6) All employees become owners through ESOP program
    7) Life goes on as normal.

    We expect the following from you:

    1) Positive EBITDA – Predictable and Recurrent
    2) Align your interests with those of the client
    3) Strategically participate in the further growth of our client
    4) Enjoy being an entrepreneur…on a much larger scale.

    I would like to pursue a conversation on this topic in person. Please call me at 646 521 8511 to discuss this oppurtunity.


    Ari L. Bayme
    Managing Director
    Bayme Capital Group
    646.521.8511 (dd)
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