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    After a five-day outage, Microsoft fixed a technician's error Tuesday, allowing Windows users to once again access critical operating system updates on the company's Web site. But the problem--the latest in a series--had .Net analysts questioning whether the software giant can deliver the reliability it claims.

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    Microsoft blames DNS for the problem (not its .NET infrastructure), but to take 5 days to fix a DNS resolution problem is unheard of.

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    Actually a 5 day DNS resolve is quite probable if there was a messup in the TTL (time to live) declaration.
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    Perhaps we should rename this site to TheServerSide.com - Your Anti-.Net Community. :} Surely there's more J2EE content to post/discuss.
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    These posts provide ample laughter. They hint at the ineffectiveness of those "millions of dollars", supposedly spent on .net's implementation. Perhaps, the money was spent on marketing ? Just a suggestion.

    I suspect articles will be even more humorous when .net hits the production lines in February.