IBM to invest another $1 billion in Websphere Platform


News: IBM to invest another $1 billion in Websphere Platform

  1. The competition in middleware space is heating up. This announcement from IBM is consistent with the recent predictions made by the Giga Information Group.

        I would expect to see other large vendors make similar announcements soon. What can the the smaller players do to stay competitive in the light of such large competition? The Giga Information Group predicts that smaller players will have to work closely with niche markets or face extinction.

       What do you think?
  2. Hi Floyd,

    You raise an interesting point. Alot of the smaller EJB players arent even 1 billion in market capitalization and couldn't possibily invest that much in one year on middleware technologies. However the larger companies, in particular, IBM with over a quarter million employees are grosly mis-managed and fail on execution. Bigger is not always better. It will be interesting to see how this market shakes out.

    Larry Kim
  3. bigger is not always better

      Thats true Larry, however, bigger means better marketing, which means more favourable decisions from the business types who weild the purchase decisions.