How realistic is the idea to purchase a component?


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How realistic is the idea to purchase a component?

  1. How realistic is the idea to purchase a component? (2 messages)

    I agree 100% with the idea to build up an application out of components.

    In this case, a company can purchase a well-defined MODULE that solves a problem.

    But how realistic it is, the module which is build up to be generic will be able to provide the solution?

    The disadvantage I can see by purchasing a component solution:
    -A component is too generic. It requires a lot of additional customization by the buyer.
    -The buyer will depend on the seller for further upgrade or additional features.
    -A dependency (to seller) will prove to be costly in long term.
    -Additional time investment will be needed.

    I still like the idea to build up your own component rather than purchase the ready component.

  2. The question to answer are these:

    is your business purpose to build modules or solve business problems?

    does the module solve your problem faster?

  3. Definitely is to solve the business problem.

    Let me give the real example:
    There is a need to implement webadministration based on the Role.
    User can logon as 1. Guest, 2. Privlege User and 3. Admin

    The admin is able to: "edit/view/delete existing users, etc".
    Upon a successful logon, the user will have different user interface.

    In order to solve this business problem, the company is looking for "User Administration Component"

    How can this component fit to this solution if the business require different "User Information".
    The "user administration component" might not have all the features needed to solve this problem. Or this component might be too complicated as solution provider.

    Probably you can give a good example for this solution.