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    Hi All,

    We've built ourselves a fairly large EJB/servlet-based application, developed using JBoss and planned for actual deployment on one of the big app servers like WebLogic. A potential client wants to buy the application, but wants it to run on SAP. "Fine," we say, "SAP has J2EE support, there should be no problem."

    My question is, what troubles can we expect? In particular I'm guessing that the CMP environment could be radically different (we make a _lot_ of CMP use in our app), as well as the JMS & JNDI services. Any advice would be *very* appreciated.

  2. James, Correct me if am wrong.
    SAP is an ERP which does various business process on behalf of a user and so on.
    If anothe rapplication has to use this business process, SAP exposes BAPI/RFC in form of Jco.
    So, EJBS/Servlets can actually be clients to SAP through these BAPI calls.
    Check the application server In-Q my appserver, it does provide some documentation and InQmy has official SAP support.
    By the I have done quite a bit of work in SAP and application integration.
    And please do corrent me if am wrong.