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    JMS seems to be the darling of the J2EE community and certainly holds tremendous potential for solving numerous distributed computing problems and for building loosely coupled systems. Everywhere you look it seems that JMS is plugged in as an important component of a distributed architectures.

    I'm looking for input from the community regarding successful implementations in PRODUCTION based on JMS, and which vendor was selected. I would also like to have some input on the selection process, which vendors were considered, and the reasoning process.

    It's one thing to play around with toy JMS examples, it's another thing to have it in production under heavy load, I'd really like to hear from those who have put JMS to the test.

    I have encountered my share of poor implementations that could not be trusted either for lack of clusterability, poor performance, or instability. My situation is that I'm locked into Weblogic 5.1 for the time being and I'm hoping that the 6.1 implementation is all that it's cracked up to be. In the mean time I would like to consider other options. I have also chatted with several other shops that their selection of JMS as a core J2EE technology lead to a myriad of heartaches due to unstable implementations.

    What's up with your JMS based project? Thanks in advance.

    Bebop Software LLC
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    Things to keep in mind in your discussion here is that there are two separate issues in attributing failure to JMS. Is the problem with the JMS specification or is it with a vendors JMS implementation?

    I worked on a number of success large scale projects and I'd say that the spec is fine. The trick is using the right implementation for your needs indepedently of the app server that you are using.

    The server currently used here is WLS 5.1 with IBM MQSeries for the messenging component (and IBM UDB as the database). With this configuration there has not been issues that you have described.