HardCore Tech Talk Interview with Cedric Beust Posted


News: HardCore Tech Talk Interview with Cedric Beust Posted

  1. A new HardCore Tech Talk Interview with Cedric Beust has been posted to TheServerSide.com. In this interview Cedric will discuss the key features of the EJB 2.0 spec including the EJB 2.0 CMP model, and the need for local interfaces; he also discusses JMX, Weblogic's possible inclusion of JDO in future versions, and the EJB security model.

    Watch Interview Here

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  2. Hi
    Wouldn't that been tasteful to have the interview in non-WMA format? Maybe Real format or anything else that can truly be watch on ALL platforms...
    Since Java is now a supported technology for Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, Linux it makes sense to have everything on TheServerSide.com accessible from any of these platforms.
    Thank you for considering the option.
  3. Multiplatform please[ Go to top ]

    I agree! I'd like to watch these under Linux if at all possible. RealPlayer works fine for me under Linux.

    Also, I'd like to watch everything in one shot. One click per 2 minute segment is annoying.

    Otherwise thanks for the great work and keep it up... listening to these interviews has been very worthwhile!
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      We will be filming the next batch of video's at this years Java One, at which time we will film them in a way that will allow us to paste them together into one large interview.

      For now however, there is no way for us to paste them together, and we don't have the resources to offer it in formats other than media player (streaming video is very, very expensive!).


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    Streaming video is expensive if you have to pay for real servers, that doesn't mean that you can't encode your videos in straight mpeg and allow download via http. or go with a open source RTSP server.

    is your concern bandwidth costs or streaming servers from real networks?

    (just trying to help)

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    My concern is both bandwith costs and the cost to get a decently scalable Real Media server. Windows Media Server comes free with Win2K Server. :)

  7. Multiplatform please[ Go to top ]

    What are you basing this on? Have you spoken with Real? They have made deals in the past and probably would now. In addition you can use the Darwin server which is free.
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    Hello Everybody,

    I know its already discussed on this forum about non availability of transcript of the interviews.

    Just curious to know if any progress made in that front?

    Can people with lesser bandwidth who can't watch and listen this video, have the transcript??

  9. Multiplatform please[ Go to top ]

    Thanks a lot.
    It would have been much better if there would have been a continuous stream instead of Question by Question.

    Murali Varadarajan
  10. I really liked this tech talk. Its interesting to find out what a container provider thinks about things. You get to feel that you are listening in on the expert group a little. I hope there are more to come!

    And of course, its always good to hear from Cedric :)
    I am surprised you didn't mention EJBGen Cedric ;)
  11. Awesome!!
    Can somebody suggest where i can find resources on EJB2.0
    I mean sample codes etc..

  12. About JDO inside WLS[ Go to top ]

    First of all: thx U a lot Cedric for this concise & precise talk about new features in EJB2.0.
    (local interfaces are part of our (ejb developers) toolbox now!)
    this EJB2.0 spec is more precise and give to EJB container's providers the possibility to improve performance into Entity and on the other side, to make life simplier to developers ('cause they ll got drag-&-click tools to make their entities).
    But, I'm afraid that all improvements made by the container will not avoid to developers to learn & understand the fantastic ejb machinery! FMPOV, nothing is better that well-knowledge on technology U use.

    Second point, I don't think that JDO inside ejb container is high priority (nor JDO inside J2EE spec)
    JDO is radically different to the Entity model that is quite complex.
    I believe that J2EE projects use an existing DB for making their transactional requests. FMPOV, It is the main case to have in mind for the spec.
    (RDBMS are the next legacy systems)
    And, for WLS, if U need objects persistance , U can use TopLink that is a partner of BEA.
    Or ... Cedric and his 5 collegues will rewrite a object persistance manager ... good & great task ;)

    have a look to this article ...
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    I forget.

    San Jose looks like to be a sunny place

    a part the WLS container , sailing is a great hobby too.
  14. About JDO inside WLS[ Go to top ]

    San Jose looks like to be a sunny place

    Actually, we are in San Francisco :-)


  15. About JDO inside WLS[ Go to top ]


    Was wondering if many companies are using entity beans (container or bean managed) in large-scale enterprise situations? If yes, then what's the biggest number of users you have seen use a system that mainly uses entity beans for db access at one time? Assume peak load. Been asking around and the biggest environment that I have heard of so far is a couple hundred users banging on the system at one time.

    Some people are starting to say that entity beans are a good academic exercise but can not be used in enterprise applications of large size. When I say large size I mean hundreds of transactions or possibly thousands transactions a second. I know that that every environment is unique, but give me the best answer you can.

    I really want information to throw back at the naysayers. :)