BEA releases J2EE 1.3 Certified WebLogic Server 7.0 Preview


News: BEA releases J2EE 1.3 Certified WebLogic Server 7.0 Preview

  1. On Jan 29th, BEA has made available a downloadable preview technology release of the J2EE 1.3 certified WebLogic 7.0. The full details about the product will be (including its GA release date) are to be released at this years BEA eWorld on Feb 24th.

    Download WebLogic 7.0.

    Read the Press Release.

    Has anyone played w/ 7.0 (apart from Cedric?;)

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  2. Yeah I played and it seems that wl 7.0 is tweaked version of wl 6.x (Maybe I'm wrong). And it looks that it's buggy as hell even examples drops 404 error :).

    Cedric: when BEA planing to migrate WL to jdk1.4.x? Can we expect it in WL 7.x series?


  3. I've downloaded and installed it too on NT (even though they say Win 2000 only) and so far so good. I still have to run the examples yet :))

    My question is rather about documentation. What's new in WLS 7.0 ? It looks like 6.1 and readme files talk about version 6.1 too. Maybe someone from BEA can shed a light on the new functionality and indicate me where I could find some doc for 7.0.


  4. Here's an update from BEA.

    The WebLogic Server 7.0 Preview was released to put out a J2EE 1.3 certified compliant version of the product and to give a "technology preview" to those of you who are interested in getting early access to these features. This release is only demonstrating the J2EE 1.3 functionaltiy in WebLogic Server 7.0. There are many new and exciting features coming in WebLogic Server 7.0 that can not be seen in the Preview.

    Keep an eye out for the full WebLogic Server 7.0 Beta, which will be coming soon. When it is made available you will see the full range of new features and documentation that we think will blow the market away.


    Eric, BEA Systems
  5. In otherwords this was a marketing driven release.
  6. All-

    Our WLS 7.0 preview release is a release that is supposed to demonstrate WebLogic's commitment to support J2EE 1.3 in the future. It is not a production or beta quality release and it doesn't necessarily demonstrate the real features of what is going to be included in WLS 7.0.

    As someone who is currently using the latest internal builds of WLS 7.0, let me just tell the community that you guys are going to be impressed. I've never seen such incredible engineering, especially in the Web Services, security, and EJB arenas. WLS 7.0 production will be released in 2002 with complete details available at our eWorld event on 2/24 in San Diego.

    Tyler Jewell
    Director, Technical Evangelism
    BEA Systems, Inc.
  7. "this is a marketing driven release"

    What's new about that? ;^)

    No apparently new features but it weights in at ~100M.

    I believe the first release of Tengah (WebLogic) was < 15M. I bet there are still some instances of that release in production.

  8. Products grow with time ... more features keep getting added with every release (leading to an eventual increase in the footprint). As someone who's worked with the code, you ought to know that! :-)

    btw, I suggest you wait until the official announcement before making any comments re: "no new features".
  9. To further clarify, WebLogic Server is officially listed as a J2EE 1.3 compliant implementation at

    It should also be listed under the "Tested Configurations" section, which we are looking into.


    Eric, BEA Systems
  10. George, you missed something:

    No "apparent" new features.

    We're all just waiting with baited breath... some people's better than others. ;^)

  11. I downloaded and installed WLS 7.0 preview in a Windows 2000 professional machine. The installation went through smoothly. However, when I tried to access the WLS Administration Console, it gave me unexpected error from the admin servlet. Did anyone else see this? Since the admin console doesn't work, I didn't proceed with running the 7.0 examples, let alone try to migrate some of our simpler applications to WLS 7.0. Perhaps I should have waited for the 7.0 beta...
  12. wl 7.0 is tweaked version of wl 6.x (Maybe I'm wrong).

    WLS 6.1 was already close to J2EE 1.3 - so there arent bound to be loads of diffs. CSIv2 and OTS where the things missing as far as I know (could be more...)

    >> And it looks that it's buggy as hell even examples drops
    >> 404 error :).
    Its always dissapointing to get bugs in shipped examples - its not THAT hard to test them. But then again, you can be sure that they dont have their core appserver developers wasting their time working on examples...

    >> In otherwords this was a marketing driven release
    Definitely - without doubt. Im only suprised they have waited this long. Their first-to-market image has been bruised by Borland/Pramati/SilverStream/JRun/IBM/... and their respective J2EE1.3 releases.
    Lets hope their 7.0 full-beta release lives up to the promises above.

    I know that DCOM support (for what thats worth) is one of the new features. Given that they partnered with JIntegra/Linar-now-Intrinsyc ages ago, support for .Net remoting (not just soap) should also be there - if not soon.

    >> No apparently new features but it weights in at ~100M.
    Worthwhile to note that a lot of it is not their code - xerces, xalan, ant etc - loads of library stuff gets bundled in the weblogic.jar (makes for a clean class-path) Add to that the jdk, samples, cloudscape, blah blah blah and it quickly adds up.

    I just dearly hope that they have finally sorted out a much trimmed-down client jar so we dont have to subject users to ~30Mb downloads for Webstart clients.
    I certainly hope we dont have to now give them a 50Mb jar ;)

    Well, with all the major players now over the J2EE1.3 support hurdle - its now onto the JDK1.4 support race...

  13. Quick Question:
    Were you expecting to see it on the kit?
    And would that be something people would like?
    were you refering to the publishing of results?

  14. 5.1, then 6.0, followed in rapid succession by 6.1 and now 7.0 (marketing release) and we will have a 7.1 (I guess) up and early in 2002.

    Going this way, I am afraid, WL may run out of numbers.

    Imagine WL 11.1 or WL16.1! Remember Sybase?
  15. Venkat:

    I was hoping you would have something more substantial to contribute ... but it looks like I was waaaaaaaaay too optimistic.
  16. George:

    I am big FAN of WL and have been using it since 4.5. I guess you missed the humor in the message.

    However, As Professional developers I expect solid substantial releases from WL and not one every quarter!

    Aha and by the way why do you have any expectations from me in first place? This is an open forum to air views.
    Expectations, dear George, leaves you vulnerable to disappointments. So let me do my bidding..... Cheers.
  17. Venkat,

    As my "desi" friends would say, "po da"! :-)
  18. I am developer for a large securities firm and I must say that I regret the purchase of WL (5.1) server. Not J2EE compliant, loaded with bugs, unstable and useless UI, horrible and arrogant support, outrageously expensive, and, most importantly, it's nearly impossible to write portable apps for the beast, which we're stuck with. We can't write it off because it cost as much as an aircraft carrier. Any new release scares me. I checked out the WL 7.0 preview (examples all broken, as usual, has BEA ever gotten this right?) foolishly hoping it would be different, from 6.1 at least. What happened to 6.2? Did you guys just forget how to count past one?
  19. And still there is no ecPerf benchmark? I am wondering why is BEA ignoring it?
  20. I don't think they are ignoring it.
  21. There will be many announcements at BEA eWorld. February 24-27, San Diego, CA.

    Eric BEA Systems
  22. "And still there is no ecPerf benchmark? I am wondering why is BEA ignoring it?"

    Why is this a big deal? Not trying to start a flame war, but I'm just trying to understand ...

    Unless you run the benchmark in *exactly* the same configuration (hardware, jvm, database etc) isn't it simply meaningless to compare the results published by the different app server vendors?
  23. The big deal about the performance part of WL is the license agreement. It prohibits me from publishing benchmark results to other people considering WL. What is really the difference between standardized products if performance is not allowed to be one? Why would I pick WL over say Orion which is about the only non OSS product with a reasonable price tag. I don't want to use vendor specific features as that ties me to that product. I have to aspects to differentiate J2EE appservers: price and performance. WL lost the price war ages ago since they charge a gazillion dollars so performance is the other aspect. And since WL themselves confess to having the slowest appserver on earth by not giving any numbers...
    I don't care about the rediculous crap that Bea publishes and calls benchmark numbers.

  24. Your only two criteria are price and performance?

    You dont think reliability, scalability, support, productivity, manageability, ease of use or product future are important?

  25. scalability == performance!
    support, you're saying that WL support is good? :)
    productivity, what do you mean? Orion with like 10 sekund re-deployment time makes me very productive.
    Manageability, I don't want all the vendor specific features. All I want to do is deploy MY applications. That's why I have an application server in the first place.
    Ease of use, type restart and orion restarts. Press rebuild in your favorite IDE and orion re-deploys. I would call that ease of use.

    How can I be sure WL will be there in the future too? When people finally realize that WL is nothing but a huge price tag.

    I write code to the j2ee specs. I don't care about all the other features in the appserver. The appserver is nothing by itself. Nothing at all. I should be able to switch appserver whenever I like.

  26. scalability!=performance. They are very different things.

    I didnt mention anything about WL support (or Orion support for that matter). I was just saying that even if the appserver costs 2 euro, and is as fast as assembler, the support is very important. No-one cares how fast or cheap it was when its not running and costing the business millions per hour.

    Vendor specific features?
    You dont require clustering, cacheing, etc? These are just 2 examples of things that are not in the J2EE spec - but very necessary for enterprise applications.

    Being able to remotely administer servers (start, stop, kill) from a single point, manage clusters (deploy applications + JDBC pools etc) as if they were a single machine (instead of having to do it individually) - for large deployments, these things are critical. Once the developers throw "MY applications" over the wall to production support, these people have to keep "Someone elses applications" running, patched, updated and they wont be impressed if it is a painful experience.

    Ease of use is more than "restart" and "redeploy". You have other issues like: What sort of ejb deployment error checking do I have? What specification checking is done (here, my experience with Orion was that its verification of an EJB deployment against the EJB specification was rather poor. Moving to Borland/Weblogic exposed a number of EJB voliations that Orion was oblivious to - which would have resulted in strange run-time behaviour under load). Moreover, how much of a pain is it to generate IDL for CORBA clients.... etc

  27. Yah, i have inside friends at BEA, in Q/A & Tech Supt and 7.0 is, according to them, definitely a marketing release.

    Honestly, the time is ripe now for tomcat and jboss. I'm afraid WL is going the way of Word. Bloat and unneeded features. Of course, no one listens to the "professional developer" anymore since they know better. Welcome to the world of the "Corporate Developer" where we can still sell them stuff they don't need!

    Oh and if you think u get less support using tomcat/jboss vs. BEA support, well, you don't know anyone in tech support ;)
  28. Tomcat and Jboss with apache in front. :)

    Have just start testing Jboss(with tomcat) and the hotdeploy seams to work every time... In WebLogic 6.1 we have problem with that!

  29. "
    Yah, i have inside friends at BEA, in Q/A & Tech Supt and 7.0 is, according to them, definitely a marketing release.

    Sure ... I have friends who tell me you're upto no good! Now, should I believe that? :-)