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    is there anybody out there how is using BC4J as EJB Framework?

    We are designing a middle sized application with an EJB layer. At the point we are discussing about writting our own EJB Framework (using TopLink as O2R) or using some well done framework. Using Oracle AppServer Release2 as application server BC4J (Oracle Business Components for Java) would be nice.
    But I can't find anyone telling something about this framework - accept Oracle homepage. So you can make me happy if you can tell me some of your experiences about the BC4J framework. Good and bad would be nice.

    Big thanks, Andy

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    Time ago (two years) I tried to use this pattern. In that initial stage, I found 2 issues that led me out of the pattern.

    The first one is the low speed and resource consume.
    The last but not least is the expensive time I had taken to learn somthing isn't standarized.

    I don't know how improved is BC4J. But it is possible Oracle had improved it.