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    I hope someone might give me some comments about how a
    stored-procedure can be used with an entity bean.

    I have an application which use a database with the following rules :
       1. no users have an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE access into the database.
       2. put every SQL statement, i.e. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or SELECT, into a
       3. all stored-procedures are owned by DBO.
       4. users are only allowed to execute a SELECT statement or
          run/execute a stored-procedure.

    Here are my questions :
       a. how to use a stored-procedure with an entity bean ?
       b. the database containts about 125 tables, with about 10 tables containts more
          than 10.000 records. How this can be 'mapped' ?

    Benoit Aumars.

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    The answer to you first question is that you probably have to use BMP entity beans. You can access the stored procedures using JDBC's CallableStatement, which denotes a call to a stored procedure.
    I didn't understand your second question. How you map entities to tables depends on your specific data. Maybe you could explain in more detail what you mean by "map"?

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    U can use the Stored procedures from an entity bean by using JDBC Callable statements. Through this u can easily access the Stored Procs in ur underlying DataStore.