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    Hi All

    I propose that theServerSide adds a discussion forum for developers using client side java to access J2EE servers.

    Often client side java is sidelined in J2EE books and articles - there's usually a box on an N-tier architecture diagram showing that rich clients can exist, but then the book goes on to exclusively talk about JSP/Servlets.

    I don't think that the forum should be about GUI development in general (there are other Swing-specific sites for that) but should encourage the exchange of design patterns specifically to do with J2EE.

    Some issues could be:

    - Is it best to allow Swing models to access the server directly or should there be an intermediate layer on the client.

    - Should rich clients access data as XML over HTTP through servlets (like the petstore administration client) or should they access EJBs directly to retrieve value objects.

    - How do rich clients cope with latency which is tolerated for web applications but may not be for rich GUIs.

    What do others think? Is anyone developing rich client J2EE applications?


    Terry Child

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      Thanks for the suggestion. Do you feel that posting these types of questions into the 'general j2ee' forum would not be effective?

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    I suppose it depends on how many people are developing client side java - either applets or webstart applications.

    I can't believe I'm the only person writing client side Java for J2EE - and the inclusion of the Admin Client in the recent PetStore demo, plus the introduction of WebStart, indicates that SUN hasn't given up on it entirely (I'm willing to stand corrected here).

    All I know is that at the moment if you are doing rich client J2EE there isn't a specific discussion group anywhere on the web (that I can find), and theServerSide seems an obvious place to start one. I think the issues are pretty specific and would be swamped in the 'general J2EE' forum.

    Or maybe I should give up and start writing JSPs :)


    Terry Child

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    I have been looking all over the net for almost a year to find info about JAVA clients working with the rest of the J2EE stuff and it has starting to grow late this vinter.
    My company is staring the move to Swing clients in and country spread intranet and I think that more companies are doing the same - building Swing clients to at least maintaine the database from the "backend" and publish part of it to the net for business. (Does Amazon use browser do update ALL their info ???)

    I think it would be great to have a discussion on this subject here at TheServerside.

    Jan Nilsson
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    I agree. I'm currently working on a project with a Swing front-end to an EJB system and I'm sure there are many others out there. A separate forum would help reduce the clutter.