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    I would like to seek people's advise on using weblogic. I'm a Java server side developer (jsp, servlet, xml, xslt, javabean, jdbc) with about 4 years work experience and working knowledge of Atg Dynamo.

    I've started learning to use weblogic and would like to know what is the rough estimate of time it might take to be proficiency with weblogic. Also if there is any good books, articles or tutorials out there that will be useful to me.

    Thank you all for your replies.


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    It's hard to say about the time - 3-4 month maybe, but it's my point of view. It's also depends if you want to know/use all features of WLS. Definetely, documentation is well done. If you are migrating from IBM WebSphere you will see how deployment is easy in WLS.