Hard Core Tech Talk with Craig McClanahan Posted on TSS


News: Hard Core Tech Talk with Craig McClanahan Posted on TSS

  1. Hard Core Tech Talks presents an interview with Craig McClanahan, primary developer of the Struts Framework.In this interview, Craig talks about presentation layer programming with JSP's, and decoupling of the presentation layer from the business logic layer. He also describes JSR127, a GUI component model for web pages, and how it can be integrated with the STRUTS framework.

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  2. Long live Craig McClanahan, and thank God for the concept of FormBeans.

    Keep on abstracting!

  3. We just announced a new product called Presto that focuses on the "C" in MVC. Presto is an application controller that turns an AS into a "computer" that manages all resources from a single program replacing hundreds of servlets and JSP's. It is a top down program and can be written in any language. It nicely with struts. Stay tuned.
  4. long live MVC !!! we took a huge step backward when we embraced html as the default web presentation. but that's progress i guess. as for struts: very nice but can still be improved which is why we have the source code.
  5. Check out this mail from Craig in Tomcat List. This is a must read for developers who want to get involved in open source projects:

  6. Long Live to Craig! Long Live to MVC! Long live to Struts! It's really a milestones for web-app development with J2EE.

    Till today I was totally unaware about JSR-127, this really caught my attention. I did a little web-crawl and I found out there´s already some tool implemented to develop stuff with JavaServer Faces: HyperQbs (http://www.hyperqbs.com ), and it seems to be free. But it also gave me the impression that it works with their own MVC framework, and I don´t to switch from Struts. No way!

    Can I combine their JSR-127 implementation with Struts?
    Is there any other attemp of implemententation for this technology that works with Struts?
  7. HyperQBs is misleading you when they suggest that they comply with the design goals of JavaServer Faces. They're not even on the expert group and the spec is not even in commminity review. Thus they DO NOT have a compliant implementation. Here is what they claim:

    "The HyperQbs mission is to provide developers with an open and useful platform to ease the development of presentation layer. In doing so, HyperQbs commits to stay fully compliant with the J2EE and XML standards.

    We, at the HyperQbs team, see the coming specification for JavaServer[tm] Faces (JSR-127) as an important deed. Although, as of this writing, the JSR-127 is not yet publicly released, we can say that we fully comply with all of its design-goals. As soon as the final JavaServer[tm] Faces API specification becomes publicly available, we incorporate it into the HyperQbs framework and make it here available for your download."

    Make sure you read the fine print.

  8. Thanks... So I guess we'll have to wait a little more for this stuff.
  9. The problem I encounter with STRUTS is that there is no method defined retrieving URLs defined in struts-config.xml in order to use their logical names into JSPs.

    QUESTION : Is there something planed about Workflow in the future ?
  10. As some of you seem to wonder if there is any Workflow extension in progress, there is one Workflow Proposal on the Struts web site :

    Struts Workflow Proposal

    It should deal with several basic workflow concepts such as Process, Activity, Step, Activity Context...

    There is also one sample application on the Ted Husted's web site demonstrating some basic wizard-like use cases using the Apache Workflow module (can be found in the Apache Jakarta Commons folder, but still in the sandbox) :

    Wizard-like ergonomy using Struts

  11. One problem is that Struts (and servlets sometimes) hides urls. When business people want to do reporting using logs they cant see what resources were accessed. You have to intentionally implement something to get this effect.
  12. That's the point.
    Implementing that under stress, and you're going to build a "gas factory", like we say in french.

    Using Struts, I realized after a while that workflow could be considerating as an independant layer. Just as "presentation" or "buisness" layers.
    I wonder if there is some good reason not to do so.

  13. Too bad you can't watch this under Linux :(
  14. Too bad you can't watch this on Mac OS X. ;^(

    I don't care about excuses. This is a fine example of how the web does NOT work.
  15. As a temporary solution could the interviews be made available in text format?
  16. Sitting behind a big firewall I just can state:

  17. WMV on Linux[ Go to top ]

    Well you can watch it on linux if you use MPlayer. You need to make it the handler for wmv though. You have to compile MPlayer yourself, and it is a little hairy.

  18. It's neither STRUTS nor TOMCAT although both are brilliant...it's the daily help Craig offers day for day within the different newsgroups why he should live forever :-)
    I'm watching the STRUTS and the TC mailing lists nearly every day (since three years now) and Craig has answered a lot of questions and has given many valuable tips !
    I haven't understood till today how he manages all these tasks. It seems to me some brownies help coding when he's sleeping :-)
    We are using STRUTS/TC since two years now (or even longer) and want to say: Thanks Craig and we forgive you that your son is (still) developing with PHP...:-)
    AXA Insurance
    [email protected]
  19. tapestry for web component developement[ Go to top ]

    check out tapestry, it's features include..
    -mvc design
    -event driven programming like swing
    -lets you create complete self contained component; package all its resouces including images, css and javascripts in one nice jar. now you can reuse and distribute a web component as easily as a swing javabean.
    -special handling of javascripts to prevent name conflict if a script is included multiple times
    -lets you declare enforceable parameters for you component. you can declare required and optional parameters.
    -automatically handles all form element submission.
    -built-in debugging facility lets you browse the state of all you components.
    -lets you provide different templates for each locale and it'll use the right one automatically
    -open source too

    check it out http://tapestry.sourceforge.net
  20. This is a great succinct explanation of so many
    presentation layer issues. Is there any way to
    get a transcript of the interview?
    [email protected]
  21. No reflection on Struts or Craig, but the presentation is wack! Why doesnt Host J2EE just bite the bullet and conduct a proper interview and put that up for us to download? This answer-to-one-question-at-a-time stuff sucks. OK I'll ~say~ it. Micorsoft does a much better job of this. Take a look at their Dot Net Show series on MSDN - please!
  22. Many more thanks to all who worked for Struts, to Craig McClanahan, and Jakarta Apache, Sun ........

    I Harty congratulate all for a good Invension of a new tool for Java based web support Framework :)

    Expecting still more tools like Struts,Ant,Tomcat.... :)

    Rajmahendra Hegde