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    Our team is to build logging & billing system for a voice portal company.

    From our team perspective, JMS-based solution is a good fit for this.

    Our client think the same way. However, it seems that they're very eager to bring SOAP (web service stuffs) into the picture.

    Up to this moment, I have no good idea of how / whether we should incorporate SOAP at this stage.

    Could you pls help our team by pointing us to some URL where we can learn these things?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Have a look at:

    There are also links to earlier tutorials which implement a basic SOAP app.


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    Your client would probably be interested in using JMS to transport SOAP messages. As described in the tutorial identified in the last post, WASP can easily use JMS as the underlying transport. This approach allows you to take advantage of the reliability of JMS and still support SOAP. The WASP server would be deployed as a standalone JMS consumer application. If you need it deployed as a message-driven bean, we can also accomodate you.
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    The only reason I can think of to use SOAP would be to provide access to your applications services to clients which are not written in Java.

    Keep your architecture J2EE and provide SOAP interfaces if (and only if) required.

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    I would talk the client into using SOAP over HTTP. If the JMS has to be used, or existing investment is there, using SOAP is quite meaningless. After all, you can pass the java object directly already.
    Like Tom said, the only reason you use Web Services technology is to acheive interoperability. Why would you speak english to a translater and have him translate to Russian and then back to English?