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    Hi all, have any body implemented the connection pool of/in websphere ? If so let me know how to do that. I need to know how to implement the connection pool and how to provide the api to the other programs so that when they want a connection just by calling a method they should be able to get the connection and do the operations and finally either close it or out it back in the pool. I need it for websphere3.5.7, even if u have some other version also let me have a look at it, so that i can implement the same in the 3.5.7. If possible sample code pl. otherwise any links would be great..

    Any help would be appreciated greatly.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Its simple. You got to create a DataSource to your DataBase.
    And then from your ejb, use this DataSource to get connection.

    If you want to close this connection, simply use connection.close().

    but remember, in datasources, the connection will not be closed,simply it will be returned to the pool for future use.