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    Hi all,
    We have a weblogic6.1sp1 server running in production getting killed(jvm) once it reaches the maximum memory size specified in the heap size. Nothing is specified in the log file also.
    Our application is having entity beans,jms,session beans,servlet,messagedriven beans and making distributed database connection.
    We suspect weather weblogic6.1 sp1 is having any memory leakage problem.
    Whether any one faced similar conditions like that?

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    The heap size can be increased by changing the scirpt file used for statrting up the weblogic server.

    If the problem persists even after increasing the heap size.
    Check whether your EJB components are throwing the necessary exception that enables the container to remove unwanted instances of your components. If you are not doing this the statefull component instances will reamin till it gets timed out. This can be the reason for the server crash.

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    Hi Biju,
    Thanks for the reply.We dont have any stateful session bean.
    Can u give a sample for throwing the necessary exception to remove the unwanted instances?

  4. Dear Friends,
      I am using weblogic 6.1 in solaris even though i am closing the connection in the finally block of each and every method where i used but still the number of connection getting increased can any one help me out in solving the problem how to keep the connection minimal is there any ideas we are using only session bean and DAO

    If any answer please reply ASAP