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    I can't find a tool that could debug EJB server-side source and then client-side source.where is it?It will be better the IDE could contain its own ejb-container and seperate from application server
  2. JBuilder 4 Enterprise[ Go to top ]

    I saw a demo of JBuilder 4 Enterprise doing the very thing you are asking for. The product is not cheap. I believe the cost is about $3000.00/seat.
  3. JBuilder 4 Enterprise[ Go to top ]

    My recommendation.. use logging!
  4. Visual Age 3.02 has the facility you are looking for. You can debug JSP, Servlets and EJB within Visual Age 3.02 and you don't even need and application server!

  5. This is a weak point in the tool market at the moment, but there are getting there. In JBuilder 4 you can do this. VisualAge comes with its test environment to let you do this.

    However, IMHO log statements and stack traces should be are ample. Given that your EJB code is kept simple and calls out to more complex code, this complex code can be debug using conventional IDEs.

  6. Hi,

    Using JBuilder 3.5 you can debug your server side and client side code in the same time. You can get evaluation copy of the JB 3.5 Enterprise Edition from Borland's web site. It is little bit hard to configure but if you will follow documentation you can get results in few minutes. I tried it and it is working!!!

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  7. Try using webgain(visual Cafe). It has EJB debugging tool or Kawa 5.0 from tek-tool.

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    One more thing... If your EJB Container can be run as java application you can easily use jdb from Sun's JDK.

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  9. My personal favorite is the BugSeeker from www.karmira.com -
    great debugger and cheap ($95 vs $thousands).
  10. Thanks a lot!
  11. I swear by Karmira Bugseeker. I like a flexible development environment where I'm free to choose my editor (VSlickEdit). Bugseeker does a great job of remote and local debugging, although it crashes in Win2K sometimes. That's ok since I use Linux :). I'm not a big fan of the IDEs I've tried (Netbeans, JBuilder, etc).