JBoss Group Announces first JMX Book On The Market


News: JBoss Group Announces first JMX Book On The Market

  1. Managing J2EE with Java(tm) Management Extensions, written by Juha Lindfors, with help from Marc Fleury and others from JBoss Group is available at Amazon.com and your local book store.

    This book leads you through the JMX API with thorough coverage of Standard MBeans, Dynamic MBeans, Model MBeans, the MBean server, and standard agent services. With the help of detailed code examples, you will learn how to create management systems with JMX, create MBeans and services, and use the MBean Server. This book also offers working examples of JMX connectors and agent discovery, a Model MBean implementation, a view of the J2EE Management specification, and a JMX use case using the JBoss application server.
  2. I have this book, it reads pretty well and has samples you can try. It even shows you how to run the sample on Sun's reference implementation and IBM's Tivoli implementation.
  3. So would you recommend it for someone on a non-JBoss implementation?
  4. I own the book as well, and would recommend it
    to anyone wanting to learn JMX.
  5. Hi,

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I hope you all find the book useful to study the JMX API. :)

    There's also more JMX talk coming during March 26 & 27 in San Francisco. The JBoss Group will be hosting free (as in beer, and there will be beer) JBoss Sessions from 9-5 at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company across from the Moscone Center. I'll be talking about JMX and JBossMX (our Open Source JMX implementation) and most of the JBoss core developers will be there to speak about their own projects as well. Check www.jboss.org for details (session topics and times should appear soon).

    See you there :)

    -- Juha
  6. I'm going through the book at the moment, do you guys know if we can download the java example included ? it is a bit tedious to rewrite all that...
  7. sorry silly question, I got it in the samspublishing web site...
  8. Is there a version of PDF for free downloading?
  9. <quote>
    Is there a version of PDF for free downloading?

    No, but there is an application server for free downloading. I'd say that is a pretty good trade.
  10. I got this book too - its awesome :)