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News: EJB Design Patterns Book Now Available

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    I am happy to announce that my book 'EJB Design Patterns' is now shipping! The book was written and reviewed here on TheServerSide - thank you TSS members for having made my book possible! EJB Design Patterns is unlike other patterns books in that it goes beyond high-level pattern descriptions into critical EJB-specific implementation issues. The free PDF will also be available shortly.

    If you were one of the people who sent me a review comment or question during the almost one year review period, you will find your name in the acknowledgements section of the hard copy of my book. Thanks again for all your help your review comments have been very helpful!

    I am anxiously waiting for the PDF copy to come in from the publisher. As soon as I get it (probably within a week), you will be able to download it here on TheServerSide.

    Meanwhile, you can buy my book from Amazon.com at the following link:


    My book homepage (where the PDF will be available) is at:

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  2. Congratulations Floyd!

    I can't wait to get my (signed) copy. :) This will be a great addition to my library.

  3. Floyd! Congrats!!!![ Go to top ]

       Congrats!!! You Proved Yourself. Goodluck for your Next Book. :)-

  4. Congratulations Floyd!
  5. I an very happy to hear your new book is avalible now,congratulations,and hope to see it soon.designpatterns.

    cheers for that
  6. Congratulations !
  7. Thas really cool..i jus cant wait to get one..

  8. Congratulations !
  9. Wow..It is definitely an aspiring and happy news..I have been waiting for this book for a long time..finally here it is..Thanks Floyd with my whole heart

  10. Superb work[ Go to top ]

    Heartiest congratulations Mr. Floyd........
    Many more such books....
  11. It's high time you work on a similar book for .NET ;)
  12. I just ordered it on amazon.co.uk, but it will take a while to ship. So I'm looking forward to seeing the PDF.
  13. Thanks Floyd from Chile.
    Congratulations, i was waiting for it.
    Muchas Gracias.
  14. See you in Toronto Mar 5th
  15. At least the man is making it available in pdf format for free, praise be to him. Company-of-one-located-in-garage companies like mine (me, the owner and janitor) can now be on equal footing with you noble and highly esteemed RICH "gurus". It's all good, all good.
  16. Cheers![ Go to top ]


    Here is to:

    an excellent book
    excellent ideas
    enterprise Java
    and an awesome friend


  17. Cheers![ Go to top ]

    So how do I becoome friends with your awesome friend?
    People like me have not even seen the outside air, let alone made friends! And to think I have been in this business for almost 30 years!!!!!!
    Well, I do not mind being friends if I can wangle a freebie book from Floyd. Us one man companies need all the help we can get. We do NOT have your BIG enterprise "fat cat" budgets for spening on books and the like. We have to make do with what we can off the net for free and read them all under the street lamp. (:-(
  18. Congratulations, Floyd!
  19. Congrats.. this is really great addition in learning the new technologies.
  20. Congratulations.
  21. Hi Floyd,

    Congratulation! May God Bless you and your family!!!

    Musaddique Husain Qazi

    Is there any Reward for good, other than good?
    Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?
  22. Hey everybody, this is my son we are talking about here...!
    Do I have reasons to be proud of Floyd, or what!!!
    I love you son, keep it up, this is ONLY the begining,
    now I know that the foundation is there for you to get as
    far as you wanna go!
    I will be there for you, as I've been in the past for whatever support you need.

    Look out Bill Gates!!!
  23. Thank you every one for your inspirational words of support. This is my first book and I am will know it is successful if it helps you all in your lives and projects. Thanks Dad!

    Look out for the free PDF coming shortly.

  24. EJB world is in its high spirits, Floyd. Waiting for it to get shipped... Congratz !!!
  25. What happened to pdf????
  26. May I point out that the book is the intellectual property of Floyd Marinescu, The Middleware Company, and Wiley the publisher? You do not have a 'right' to a free pdf of their work at any particular time, but if he chooses to make it available in his time you should be grateful.

    I own the book, and found it an excellent bargain at the price. I suggest that if you urgently want to read the book that you buy it also.
  27. PDF should be going up today! :)
  28. Whats Up With Amazon[ Go to top ]

    I oredered this book on Dec 31. On the day this thread began, Amazon changed my order status on this book from "Not Published" to "Shipping in 2-3 Days". Now they have changed it back to "Not Published". I don't understand the publishing world !!
  29. Whats Up With Amazon[ Go to top ]

    I believe they ran out of their original stock of books - publishers fault. They should have made the first printing bigger.
  30. Whats Up With Amazon[ Go to top ]

    I don't get it. I looked up the book on Amazon.com and it's listed as 'Usually ships within 24 hours'.

    On the UK site it's now 'Available in 3-5 weeks', though my personal copy seems to be physically on hand waiting for a couple things in the order which are still outstanding to arrive. Looks like there was a quick press run in the US, but the shortfall in the UK has to wait for it to be shipped overseas.

    Maybe a best-seller, Floyd?!!
  31. Congrats.. this is really great addition in learning the new technologies.

    Carlos Meneses - Brazil
  32. Amazon.co.uk delivered my copy this morning. Without having seen it I had put it on my Amazon best booklist, and I was correct to do so.

    It reads like the best sections of Mastering EJBs 2nd ed. Lots of practical advice based on real-world experience in addition to the theory.

    Another thing I appreciated is the well-judged brevity of the book. Instead of trying to write a complete GOF book about the whole set of design patterns, Floyd did his own analysis of what is truly useful, and the results are startleing. About 200 pages of text, perhaps a week's read with the result that the expertise of the reader will be markedly improved by the experience.

    Why? Two reasons I suppose. First, it's about what works as opposed to being exclusively about EJB. A typical EJB book will cover Entity EJBs in considerable detail without ever pointing out the N+1 issue, nor will such a book include a chapter on Alternatives to Entity Beans. This is the first mention I've seen to JDO in any EJB book to date.

    I can't say when a book has impressed me more right out of the shipping box. Well done, Floyd, very well done! I'll be glad to write a more complete review of the book if you ever let my 'Book Club' thread out of purdah..... ;-)
  33. Oops, left out reason #2 from the above.

    Reason #2 for why the book is so good is that it encapsulates some of the wisdom one can find on theServerside.com in a readable and readily absorbable form. For example, I *knew* it was bad performance karma to allow my clients to use a remote interface to an Entity bean directly, that it was better provide a remote interface to a session bean which then invoked the entity bean.

    I even *kind of* knew why. After reading the relevant section of the book I now know the 'why' cold. It's knowledge of this kind which marks the difference between a journeyman and master of a craft, and while I'm still much closer to being a journeyman, this book has distinctly advanced my understanding in a mere two hours!

  34. I find the book is not available in PDF format so far.Can anybody tell me when can we get the Book in PDF format...

  35. Thx Soooooooo much Floyd!!
  36. Congratulations, Floyd.

    This is definitely a must have for every EJB programmer and J2EE architect. Great Job!

  37. I am translating this book into Korean.
    It is my pleasure.
    Thank your for your work.
  38. cannot download the pdf[ Go to top ]

    hi, i cannot download the pdf, im directed to a page that says
    the requested file was not found
  39. why[ Go to top ]

    what it the correct link.
    i can not download the book
    help me!!!!
  40. why[ Go to top ]

    If you haven't found it yet, here is the link


    Have fun