How do I save client state using RMI ?


General J2EE: How do I save client state using RMI ?

  1. How do I save client state using RMI ? (4 messages)

    Hi, I would like to know if its possible to save client info on the server in an RMI client-server based app. (not using stateful ejbs here). Basically this means the server needs to know some client id info. I tried using the getClientHost() method of the UnicastRemoteObject, but it only gives me the ip and port of the client - and thats not good enough. For example I got the same values here if I had two client threads (two remote objects) in the same client VM.

    I searched some faq, javaworld and the tutorials at sun without success.

    Thanks in advance for all possible hints, code or pointers on the net.

  2. you can presist this state data somewhere
  3. Eahhh ? The problem is not weather to write data to disk, database or just cache it - i still need to get the client id somehow.
  4. Then what is the problem...
  5. I am sorry if I didn't state the problem clearly in my two postings. I'll try to refrase :

    How do the server object (the UnicastRemoteObject) get hold of some client id. I clearly need some sort of identification of the client on the server side in order to map the client to some particular client state (eg using a hashmap).