Connecting to an EJB deployed in WebSphere Test Environment


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Connecting to an EJB deployed in WebSphere Test Environment

  1. Hi,

     I have written an EJB in Visual Age for Java and Deployed it in the WebSphere Test Environment. However, when i try to connect to it using a client Applet that I wrote, I dont see anything happening, no compile errors, no exceptions. getInitialContext just does not do anything. I'm at a loss for an answer, can anyone help me?

     More Details:

     I also tried using the AccessBean that Visual Age generates, but that did not help. I wrote another session Bean and used the access bean in that bean to commumnicate with the first EJB, this worked.

    Let me know how to communicate from an Applet client to an EJB developed in Visual Age for Java.


  2. Hi,

    may I know which version of WAS you are using??
  3. I havent started using WAS yet. Now I am using the WebSphere Test environment that is provided with Visual Age for Java V4.0. Dont know if this is the info that you required. Hope this is helpful. Can you solve my problem?

  4. Hi,

    check if the persisten naming server is started.

  5. The persistence name server has been startred. This is needed for the second session bean to be able to communicate with the first one. The problem seems to be with the client, or with some property of the server or client communication that was being executed.

  6. I think, its not a good idea to call an ejb from an applet.
    There may be some security setting which restricts applet calling JNDI .Because applets are designed to run on client browsers.

    Regarding no exception you may be catching the Exception, and just logging it or ignoring it.

    make that applet a standalone application and try again.