CSIRO J2EE Application Servers Report Version 2.0 Available


News: CSIRO J2EE Application Servers Report Version 2.0 Available

  1. Server comparison report. The (for pay) report provides a detailed analysis, evaluation and comparison of AppServers from IBM, Fujitsu, SilverStream, BEA, Borland and JBoss. Full results for JBoss are available for free, as well as anonymous cross-server results, and a comparison of ECperf to their own benchmark app.

    read more @ http://www.cmis.csiro.au/adsat/j2eev2.htm.
  2. From the report: "At client loads of around 100 per application server, JBoss provides good stateless session bean performance. Performance however declines as the client loads increase. This means that a JBoss application may not be able to scale to handle very large bursts in traffic."

    If anyone knows why this happens I would love to hear it. I think this problem might be alleviated by using tcp/ip multiplexing. Would any jboss insiders care to comment?
  3. Guglielmo,

    We've seen this behaviour with a few of the AppServers in the past. It seems to be caused by resource contention - the higher the concurrency, the slower they go. Most products get around this by allowing the maximum concurrency to be limited - typically by setting max threads in the ORB.