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    First of all sorry about my english.
    When we started reading documentation while installing both core and enterprise, we could not belive what we were reading. Core edition seems to be a usual AppServer (except for BC4J) and enterprise edition is an amalgama of "oracle things".

    Is development with core useful for a enterprise installation in production?
    Which are the similarities between both?

    I do not understand oracle's multi-tier diagrams with several options for deploy (Oracle JVM, database cache), several options for servlet container, two possible?? apache/jserv.

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    Just to shed some light on the packaging/installation - the install types don't really reflect a specific environment they are targetting (ie enterprise vs non-enterprise). Rather, the different install types contain different pieces of functionality - all of which can be used to suit
    your specific needs.

    With Oracle9iAS v1022, Oracle introduced a brand new, lightweight and fast J2EE engine, OC4J (licensed from Ironflare, Orion). These new containers have been packaged with the Core install and are also available for download separately from OTN. The other install options do not include OC4J but include the earlier runtime environments for backwards compatibility reasons. Oracle recommends the use of OC4J as the J2EE engine for all Java/J2EE development/deployment.

    There are a few different install options with Oracle9iAS ...
    - Core - J2EE environment(OC4J), HTTP Server, Web Cache, BC4J
    - Minimal - HTTP Server, Portal and Wireless
    - Standard - Minimal plus the Java features that OC4J has since replaced
    - Enterprise - Standard plus forms and Business Intelligence features

    Hope this helps.
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    What is the OC4J and BC4J?

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    I have worked in an environment where we ran only 9i AS Core. We did not care about having the reports server, forms server, portal etc. I also used the latest OC4J release (oc4j_extended) on Oracle Technet (

    FYI for the last poster:

    BC4J: Business Components For Java. Oracle's J2EE development framwork (although a little top-heavy in my opinion).

    OC4J: Oracle Container For J2EE: Basically this is the container in Oracle App Server (9iAS) that allows deployment of EJB's. The older version of OC4J was based on the orion server. Not sure about the latest.

    The other containers include Jakarta Tomcat which are used for JSPs and servlets.

  6. The way I got it, the new version of OC4J is based on Orion because Oracle never quite managed to get the old one they developed themselves to work 100%.

    By the way, Orion is a product from Sweden (just waving the flag a bit :-) )
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    Yes, the latest OC4J is still based on the (excellent and swedish) Orion.

    For iAS V2 we added Web Services and integrated Orion with the rest of the Oracle app server stack: Single sign-on, LDAP, JAAS, Apache mod for load balancing and routing, management infrastructure for automatic JVM start/restart, etc.

    Matthieu Devin
    Director, iAS Architecture, Oracle