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    I am attempting to gather some data on what people are using for their EJB and code development. This brings up several questions:
    1. What do you use for EJB development (IDE, Editor, modeling tool, etc)?
    2. Are all the people in your organization required to use the same tool?
    3. What operating system are you using for your developer workstations?

    This has generated some heated discussions at our organization and I would be interested in hearing what others are doing. We are using Weblogic 5.1 for our EJB server but don't want to restrict ourselves to only one server. We are using Together Control Center for modeling and until now we have been writing code totally by hand.

    Phil Padgett
    Division of Biostatistics, U of Florida

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    Hi Phillip,

    We are using Weblogic 5.1 and the latest VisualCafe EE 4.0. Cafe has good integration into weblogic and has the appearance of generic ejb integration. I'm not a big fan of cafe for code writing but it does get the job done particularly with Weblogic. It has some uml support but it's somewhat annoying in that the model does not change if the code changes. One drawback to ejb developement with cafe is the xml descriptors are contained in the project . . .and are not editable outside the tool. Webgain claims to be fixing that aspect. For deployment purposes, we are leaning toward some build scripts.

    I hope this is useful.
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    We're making Java, CORBA and EJB development with JBuilder Enterprise which has VisiBroker and Inprise Application Server development tools integrated in. I haven't yet tried JBuilder 4 since it's been available for a couple of weeks only but based on the feature list and my experiences with the previous version, it should be a great product indeed.

    It supports JDK 1.3 as well as IAS 4.1 does. Just to mention some features that are especially useful for us, you can now debug JSPs and servlets on Tomcat 3.1, a new EJB Group functionality makes it very easy to deal with multiple deployment descriptors within a project, entity bean modeler lets you create entity beans that map to existing tables, you can test your newly written beans with the test client wizard and you can also test your JDBC connections when editing the descriptors.

    For team development JBuilder has the CVS (Concurrent Versions System) included. JDataStore, a pure-Java RDBMS is included for the stateful SBs to be swapped from the container to the disk. It can also be used for entity bean CMP which is extremely helpful for us because we are able to "simulate" our customer RDB configurations when giving them support and consultancy.

    With JBuilder 4 you can also create beans and descriptors for WebLogic 5.1. On the operating systems side, JBuilder is the only Java tool which can be used to build distributed CORBA/J2EE applications on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

    I recommend you to read more at: JBuilder 4 feature list

    Petteri Manninen
    technology consultant,
    Software Engineering Center SEC - Your Technology Pilot
  4. I'm taking the "Get everything I can for free" approach, coupled with a good deal of "Lazy" programming. I currently am developing using jBoss as my application server. It was once a pain to use, but is now very stable. Besides, the jboss-user discussion group is as informative as any ejb related group and worth the price of admission.
    My secret tool is Perculator which can be found at www.backsource.org. I use it to generate all my ejbs. It is configurable and works using a super/impl pattern. All I do is write an xml file describing a beans members and voila!, it generates an entity bean, complex pk classes, and a session bean proxy to interface the ejb. From the same .xml file, I generate clients that I use to test the beans.
    I make no assumptions of what editor or debugger programmers working with me will use. This is very important since IDEs do a horrible job of emulating editors like emacs or Brief and experienced programmers do not want to change how they've worked in the past.

    Tool summary:
    Application Server: jBoss (free)
    Database: postgreSQL (free)
    XML Parser: xerces (free)
    EJB Generator: perculator (free)
    Editor: vSlickEdit (rocks, 200 bucks)
    OS: linux (primarily, since debugging remotely often hangs Win 2k)
    Debugger: Karmira

    I can create and deploy an EJB from scratch in less than 10 minutes with the above approach. Updating is easy too since jBoss uses hot-deploying (copy jar into directory and bean is automatically unloaded and reloaded).