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    My company is planning a B2B application, and we are facing the following questions:

    1) Is it feasible to use the public Internet for automated B2B transactions, and what companies are using this approach to B2B (versus leased lines, ISDN or traditional VANs) in anger?

    2) ebXML TRP Message service seems to provide all we need in terms of reliable messaging over the Internet - This will allow trading partners use ebXML MS products from different vendors. Who has implemented B2B using ebXML MS and are the vendor implementations sufficiently stable to take this approach?

    3) If anyone has alternative open solutions to achieve reliable messaging- it would be very beneficial to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance


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    A number of industries have been using the internet to automate their B2B business. In particular, you can look at RosettaNet for hitech manufacturing and CIDX for chemicals.

    These two predate the ebXML efforts and use RNIF as their TRP mechanism.